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Baton Rouge review by Charu Satnarine


 The Perfect Steak!             


Charu Satnarine-Montreal Bureaux Chief-fnbworld 

By Charu Satnarine/Montreal Bureaux Chief



Baton Rouge critique by Charu Satnarine-fnbworld


All photos by the author. Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.


Baton Rouge critique by Charu Satnarine-fnbworld


 While I very rarely dine at steak houses, I had to taste what all of the hype was about.

Upon entering the beautifully designed, welcoming establishment, the smell of grilled meat was the first thing that hit our senses. Our mouths collectively and immediately filled with saliva in anticipation and hunger.


The four of us - two adults, two children - were politely greeted and seated within minutes of our arrival.  Great start! Almost immediately following, the jovial waiter approached to take our drink order and answer any menu questions.  While they offer a wide variety of signature cocktails (maybe next visit) we adults settled on what turned out to be a vibrant bottle of dry, white wine from their fine selection.  The two children were very content with their juice selection as well.

Baton Rouge-inside-fnbworld

There are many appetizing selections from their starter menu, but we decided to share one: the warm spinach dip.  I was sceptical considering the combination with artichoke hearts, especially with children sharing the plate.  However, even they couldn't help but love the creamy, cheesy texture of the delicious concoction, accompanied by warm tortilla chips.  And the artichoke did not in any way over power the dish, but complimented the spinach beautifully.


Moving on to our main course: the children's menu offers a small variety of options including chicken, pasta, ribs and burger.  The ribs proved too difficult for our young diners who jumped at the chance to try them, accompanied with a side Caesar salad.  The romaine lettuce was fresh and crisp and the creamy dressing lightly coated the leaves perfectly.  The smoky tenderness of the ribs was incredible and the meat just fell off of the bone - a BIG crowd pleaser.


Delectable disshes-charu satnarine at Baton Rouge-fnbworld

And the steaks at this steakhouse?  We ordered one New York Strip and one Filet Mignon, both with grilled vegetables and baked potato sides.  We both received a slight look of disapproval for ordering our meat "well done", but unlike other fine dining establishments, there was no argument for our choice. 

Starting with the negative first: We found the vegetables about a minute over done - not a crime, but a little underwhelming.  We were able to overlook that when we forked a bite of steak into our mouths - and the young diners as well.  The steaks were cooked to perfection - well done, as requested, and still juicy and scrumptious.  Each flavourful morsel just melted in our mouths and the beautifully garnished baked potato was a wonderful side. 

Baton Rouge-fnbworld-charu satnarine

Stuffed and satisfied, we had to try something off of the dessert menu - which contained a few choice favourites such as cheesecake and chocolate mousse (worth another trip after a lighter meal).  We settled on the mini trio of crème brulee: chai, caramel and chocolate  Though not a fan of the first, all four of us would love to return for full portions of either the creamy caramel or sinfully chocolate crème brulee - pure heaven on the palate.


We will definitely be returning to order from their chicken and seafood selections - and will save room for a regular sized dessert.  For ambiance, hospitality, food quality and service, I would have to rate

Baton Rouge:    ****.


Baton Rouge

4980 Taschereau Blvd,

Greenfield Park


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