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Bistro and bar review by Nazuk Ahluwalia





Nazuk Ahluwalia-fnbworld 

By Nazuk Ahluwalia/fnbworld bureau

Tex-Mex in Delhi-fnbworld-Nazuk Ahluwalia

All photos by the author. Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.


For anyone with a desire to enjoy hearty and delicious tex-mex cuisine, Chili's is the place to be. It was founded in 1975 by Larry Levine in Texas. It has now a global footprint with a whopping 1600 outlets, 3 of which are in India. 

Located inside the premises of premiere shopping malls, at Vasant Kunj and Gurgaon, Saket and Noida,  the restaurant is a casual dining place with ample seating and has the added advantage of natural lighting in the day time owing to its strategic place inside the mall itself. Opening hours are between 11:30 am to 12:30 am.


Tex-Mex interiors-fnbworld



The restaurant staff clad in red polo t-shirts and blue jeans, are warm and friendly with a proper knowledge of the dishes in the menu- ask anything and they will surely have an appropriate reply to your query. The quirky interiors glorify the Mexican colours and at the same time complement the concept of the restaurant.


Platter at Tex-Max-fnbworld

Coming to the food and bar, the menu is extensive with a variety of beverages - alcoholic and non-alcoholic. A perfect graphical testimony to the dishes that tickle the tastebuds, it is a notch higher and set the stage for an upbeat gastronomic foray. The food menu is equally vast, however, one has to strain the eyes in order to make sense of the order in which the dishes are listed. 


I started off with Texas cheese poppers as a separate dish and not as part of the triple dipper combination and they did not disappoint.


The right amount of cheese coupled with crispy panko crust can't turnout wrong. With any dish, a good drink is a must and it doesn't necessarily have to be alcoholic! I savoured the new offering under the "new artsy menu" - the coffee toffee shake and truly it was a piece of art, in terms of taste.  Thick, intense and rich in flavor , it was a refreshing change from the watery frozen milk variety that are passed off as shakes elsewhere. However, the presentation could have been a little more exciting.


Famous shakes at Tex-Mex-Nazuk Ahluwalia-fnbworld

Next to satisfy my hunger was the veggie and cheese quesadilla filled with mushroom and spinach creamy sauce served with salsa, sour cream, rice and beans. The eight tortilla slices were crispy and at the same time oozing with filling. The flavour was truly delectable and finger licking good! The rice and beans were equally scrumptious with the salsa and sour cream the right choices to refreshen the palate. 


Also on offer is a wide array of non-vegetarian dishes which outnumbers the number of vegetarian dishes on offer and the vegan has to scrounge through the menu to find the vegetarian section. Their new menu - aforementioned artsy menu has 4 new non- vegetarian burgers and only one vegetarian. However, Chili's can't be blamed, for tex-mex cuisine at its core is all about bones and wings, yet it has accommodated delicious vegetarian dishes in its menu to keep everyone happy. The restaurant has recently begun doorstep delivery across Delhi/NCR to cater to everyone's tastebuds and spread the Mexican wave even further!



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