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Parasite: A 'Quarantined' Life

Ridhi Chhabra-fnbworld 

MYFLIX/ Ridhi Chhabra

As the much boring mantra of self isolation becomes the global norm, owing to the Corona virus pandemic, everyone is short-listing and recommending their favorite movies or TV series to watch online and unlock their solitude. The globally celebrated film ‘Parasite’ is top on the recommendation list for this fortnight as Amazon Prime Video has given it the much awaited digital release. 

Parasite-Oscar winner-fnbworld

In a first for South Korea, Parasite created history by sweeping the Oscars by not only winning the awards for Best Direction, Best International Feature Film, Original Screenplay, Best Editing and best Production Design but for being the first foreign-language film in the Oscars’ 92-year history to win the Best Picture category as well. Master director Bong Joon-ho’s film has indeed been the most talked about in the international film circuits. 

Parasite 'tracks' the life of a pitiably poor and conniving family as they con their way into a rich household to earn. But their comfortable arrangement gets complicated when their deception is threatened by another downtrodden family already having a secret living arrangement in the mansion’s basement hideout. The film is a mirror to the absolute economic divide in any country in the world and hence, so relatable and engaging despite the language barrier (English subtitles run fast).

This insistent display of the absurd contrasts between the lives of the rich and the poor is clearly visible in every shot of the film where members of both the families – rich and poor are seen together. Upon viewing each frame carefully, one may notice that there is an invisible line dividing the characters into zones signifying the class symbolism. This quality seemed to mesh perfectly with the message that the viewers received with exuberance.

The thrill begins mid-way the film when the downtrodden maid who worked earlier in the mansion comes back to unveil a shocking truth that her husband is hiding in the bunker/basement of the mansion. Well she did not come to reveal the secret but to feed her quarantined husband who is on the radar. A series of misfortunate events follows when the isolated man unleashes himself out of the bunker. The outcome is a lot of bloodshed and mysterious disappearance of another character or should we say in a secret quarantine. 

The film stands out for its unpredictable narrative that unfolds how those at the bottom of the pile step upon each other in order to ascend upwards in society. The striking point of Parasite is the clever dramatic twist that keeps the characters tied to one another and lead to a dizzying climax. Its message is the simple fact that everyone is so oblivious to the life of others and sometimes the indifference towards them that can lead to grave consequences. So, instead of reading more about this incredible film, those who have not yet watched Parasite can do it now. Good direction.  Grantedly 4/5*.


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