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Techtalk by Jennifer Armstrong


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  Jennifer Armstrong-fnbworld By Jennifer Armstrong


Edinburgh is truly amazing. Its cobblestoned streets and heritage buildings and dignified buzz of the city is truly surreal. I would love to visit it daily as I live barely an hour’s drive from it! As the capital of Scotland since the 15th century, Edinburgh is the capital of the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament and the supreme courts of Scotland.

It is the second largest financial centre in the United Kingdom (after London) and the city's historical and cultural attractions have made it the United Kingdom's second most popular tourist destination attracting almost 1.75 million visits from overseas in 2019. That's the historical part in public domain. And as a artist who thrives on painting musicians in all mediums, how can I not mention the world famous yearly Ediburgh Festival of Jazz since decades.  


 jennifer Armstrong-fnbworldTalking about my personal experience related to the frequent jaunts to Edinburgh, I come straight to one of my compulsive hobbies – photography - and a recent tryst with the Samsung cell phone. I am compelled to share my experience. I disliked this phone from the word go. While the camera is  amazing and I really like it but facebook is what I use a mobile phone for and performing an action  here and replying isn't quick enough, it's as slow as spending a week in a dingy cave, while with the iphone you can just reply as you press the reply button.



However, with Samsung it is sometimes five times before I the press button comes up, then you have to perform two actions before you get back to where you started, as a result I'm not answering all my messages as it's too slow and extremely stressful, it might be a fault with the phone but I have to let them wipe my phone clean and start again if I want them to look at it, which is extremely annoying.



Edinburgh-jennifer Armstrong-fnbworld



I realised a long time ago that I do not use any phone to its full tech features, do you? I just use a few Apps, the camera is my major hobby-partner and most importantly I use it for running my business on facebook! Many have offered help in so many ways. I hate reading or looking things up, or any kind of instructions in the tech manuals. I know ideally one should but my brain rebels. I’ve always had to learn for myself, just mess around till it works out, which is of course the hard way. I know am just a crazy artist. Anyway, the iphone is surely going to have to come back and to ‘allow’ me to do what I do so quickly and effortlessly with it.


Jennifer Armstrong-zappacult-fnbworld



Jennifer Armstrong at her best - fnbworld



I confess I have failed to answer most facebook comments as I can’t do it fast enough without feeling stressed but assuredly I read them all.  Pressing the heart emoji as a reaction takes too much time. I thank my facebook family for all the help and suggestions but the genius bar is beckoning and I desperately need to go back to the ‘Apple’ cult.

I will need to sacrifice the Samsung camera experience which is a lot better for the [OK] iPhone experience. At the end of the day, iPhone for me is aesthetically pleasing and extremely tactile. It's a beautiful phone and such lovely photo quality; like the Max Factor makeup kit that alone works best for me!

Same is the case with the cars I love - Volkswagen and Audi. Boring on the inside but sturdy quality and beautiful cars; I've tried different ones but I go back to them always. I go back to what gives me the best all round experience, what feels good, performs well and makes life much easier, or may be, I'm just addicted and stuck up with my loyalty to brands. Switching over to newer/leading ones is out for me.


The author is an artist-painter, antiques collector, guitars restorer, a photography freak and a hobbyist etc.


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