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Best 'home' and pool party for pets!


Nazuk Ahluwalia-fnbworld By Nazuk Ahluwalia

For pet parents all over the world, here is a cafe that welcomes pets inside the premises that houses a pool - that is open to wagging tails and a safe boarding for furry babies! The venture of passion is working on bridging the gap and it goes by the name SAMA ISHAVYASAM. It has opened its gates to welcome pet parents and their dear pet babies into a world of fun and getaway. Located in Jaunapur, New Delhi a few kilometres from Chattarpur is the safe  haven for dogs - the SAMA ISHAVYASAM is maintained by  Arun and Asha  who are avid animal lovers.


pet boarding-fnbworld-nazuk ahuwalia

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The idea came up in 2014 out of the couple's own experience of leaving their pets at home and the anguish of leaving them in facilities that weren't satisfactory.  The duo embarked on building a vacation destination for pets after being inspired from a pet hotel in Chennai which met their expectations. It has been 3 years since pet home boarding's inception in a small apartment in Delhi and has now expanded into a sprawling farmhouse.


There is ample of space for pooches to roam freely and the best part is that the duo believe in a no leash and no cage policy. There is no demarcation of a dog area - the entire place is theirs to rule!  The boarding requires a quick brief about your pet's habits in order to understand the pet better and take precautions accordingly. Also required is a proof that the vaccinations of the pet is up to date ensures a healthy environment for other dogs staying there. 



The pet parent has the liberty to choose a private room for their pet or leave them with a group of other pets. The grouping is done on the basis of temperament of the dogs. A few CCTV cameras survey the entire boarding facility and the area is also monitored by the staff. 

What makes this pet home boarding unique is that they provide continuous updates regarding the activities of your pets without even asking for it. The lush greens outside the rooms are a refreshing play area for pooches to lose out their energy and have a gala time. 


dogs in swimming pool-fnbworld-nazuk ahluwalia 


Beyond the greens is the swimming pool area which opened a few days ago where pet parents and their pets can duck dive and swim. It is chargeable at 400 per head for adults and 200 per head for kids, for 2 hours. Pets can enjoy the water for free! The pool is guarded by a staff member to provide help and assistance of any kind and keep a watch over the dogs. Fresh water bowls are kept at various points of the area to ensure that furry animals replenish themselves after paddling. 


Besides the water and the greens, the place also harbours a small cafe which serves delicacies to its guests and is inclusive in the charge of using the pool. Currently, pet home boarding houses 26 dogs. What separates it from the rest of the competition is the personal touch which Arun and Asha strive to maintain. Unlike other boarding options wherein the owners leave the pets in the hands of a semi - trained staff, Arun and Asha take it all on themselves as they feel that only a true dog lover can handle the nitty gritty  of pet parenting! 


It is rare for a pet parent to find people who are as welcoming to their dogs and pet home boarding is one of those places where dogs are granted a vacation and the freedom to just be.


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