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FAQs for F&B trade


Q: What are the various types of beverages?
Ans: Beverages can be classified as:
a) Water, b) refreshing drinks—colas, lemonades, c) stimulants—coffee, tea, d) nourishing drinks---malted beverages (Horlicks, Bournvita) milkshakes, fruit juices.


Q: The meaning of a restaurant?
Ans: A restaurant is a commercial establishment committed to the sale of food and beverage. It may be a licensed part of a hotel operation whereby the sales of the restaurant contribute to the sales performance of the hotel as a whole. Restaurants may also be independent business entities under individual ownership and management. The different types of restaurants comprise: coffee shop, continental restaurant, specialty restaurant, grill room, dining room, snack bar/café/milk bar, discotheque, night club.


Q: Definition of alcohol?
Ans: Alcohol is an odourless liquid obtained through the fermentation of a sugar containing liquid. There are amny members of the alcohol family, but ethyl alcohol is the principal alcohol to be found in all alcohol beverages.


Q: What is wine?
Ans: Wine is an alcoholic beverage obtained from fermentation of the juice of freshly gathered grapes. Fermentation is conducted in the district of origin according to local customs and traditions.


Q: Whisky versus scotch whisky?
Ans: Whisky is a spirit obtained by the distillation of a fermented mash of grain ---be it barley, maize or rice, or all together and is aged in wood. There are over 200 brands of whiskies and they vary in taste from distiller to distiller. There is no similarity in taste between Scotch, Irish, Canadian or the two American whiskies—rye and bourbon. Scotch whisky is a distinctive product of Scotland where it is believed that the first whisky was made in the Highlands in the sixteenth century. Various complex methods go into the making of fine Scotch.


Q: Describe tequila?
Ans: Tequila dates back to Aztek times, long before the Spanish conquered the country. True Tequila comes from the city of Tequila in south-west Mexico. Tequila is made from the sap of the wild mescal plant (similar to cactus) and is produced near the city of Tequila where the mescal plant is found in abubdance. There are two varieties---white and gold label. The white label is not aged whereas the gold label is aged in used whisky barrels, just long enough to impart the gold colour ready for bottling. Tequila is known to have a strong alcoholic content but it is much the same as gin or vodka. Today the Mexicans drink it with tomato juice and call it ‘Sangrita’.

Q: Is beer an alcoholic beverage?
Ans: Beer is a potable alcoholic beverage fermented from cereals and malt, flavored with hops. The alcoholic content is between 3 % to 5% and is known to be a very refreshing drink, especially in the summers. The raw materials used in the making of beer comprise: barley, hops, sugar and brewers’ yeast.

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