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Aam Panna


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Aam Panna/Raw mango drink


Kiran Sabharwal-fnbworld  By Kiran Sabharwal


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Aam Panna is one of the favorite summer beverages of most people due to its cooling properties. The most effective is its heat resistant effect that is a boon in the scorching heat. It helps in preventing heat strokes and in replenishing and in storing Vitamin C in the body.


Due to its rich quality of iron, it  helps in increasing iron levels. Above all, it is a great rejuvenating drink which refreshes both mind and the body. It is simply a coolant par excellence that can be made with sugar or with salt.


Aam panna-fnbworld


5 to 6 kache ambi (raw mangoes)

7 to 8 tbspn sugar

3 cups water

2 tspn roasted and slightly powdered cumin

Black crushed salt according to taste


Roast raw mangoes separately in gas. peel the mangoes and cut it into small pieces and remove the seeds.

Now take a jar, add pieces of raw mangoes, onion, sugar, black salt and cumin powder roasted with little water and blend it in to smooth paste.Then add rest of the water and mix it well. Keep it in refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours, so that it gets cool. Add crushed ice in it for the chilling feel, before serving. This is the old and traditional recipe of making Aam Panna.

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