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Aamir Khan press briefing by Neeraj Nanda

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"Politics not for my cup,

says Aamir Khan"

by Neeraj Nanda


Peepli Live is an  Aamir Khan productionAamir  Khan in  Melbourne

Bollywood icon and ace film-producer, Aamir Khan said here today (at a Press briefing Aug.6), that he was not the least a social activist. Aamir  answered questions relating to  the production of his to-be released film ‘Peepli Live’, which is being premiered here tonight at the Melbourne International Film festival (MIFF).
Parrying a pointed question from South Asia Times, he said that ‘Peepli Live’ was not a movie about the farmer’s suicides in India but the issue is in its backdrop.


He said the issue  was under social glare and the government feels something must be done about it.  About the ferocious attacks on Indian students in Australia last year, Aamir Khan said violence and racism is there in every country and the incidents were unfortunate. Aamir Khan yet again ruled out joining politics and said he was pleased being an entertainer.


The newest flick ‘Peepli Live’ is an Aamir Khan production but he does not act in the movie. It revolves around  the eve of national elections in  an Indian village of Peepli, where two poor farmers, Natha and Budhia, fear losing their land over an unpaid government loan.


Desperate, they seek help from an apathetic local politician, who suggests they commit suicide to benefit from a government program that aids the families of indebted deceased farmers. When a journalist overhears Budhia urge Natha to "do what needs to be done" for the sake of their families, a media frenzy  happens  - whether Natha would commit suicide. The film is slated for  release on 13th.

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