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Anil Sachdeva - Mr. Nizamuddin East - NECA



An fnbworld Special Social Feature/Report



STOP PRESS: In an impromptu meeting held on


between present NECA President Asha Kohli and senior staff of the fnbworld {News for Soul} with other NECA functionaries and a few of Anil Sachdeva's close schoolmates-colony-bachhus buddies who were also present, it was assured by NECA to your favourite portal that the menacing shall be put to stop henceforth by taking up the cause(s) of bullying and harrassment to neighbours with the colony violator Anil Sachdeva. Further stories on this vexed Nizamuddin East issue(s) are being held in abeyance till fresh socially reprehensible acts come to the due notice of fnbworld.



Anil Sachdeva Waterfalls


fnbworld expose causes MCD demolition, finally.

Nizamuddin East Anil Sachdeva's house footpath demolished by MCD

(CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A freshly-taken MCD demolition photo of Anil Sachdeva's forcibly occupied public footpath).


All photographs copyright: Right Impact Media Inc. Unauthorized use of the copyrighted material as mentioned, in any manner, without consent is liable  for suitable legal action. We value your judgement.

Mr. Anil Sachdeva, a.k.a  Mr. Nizamuddin East  clicks and clicks and clicks...and then ducks, ducks away. Misreably fails at hiding his legally-violating rituals and arrogant ways, in the mornings, evenings, nights. We at fnbworld bring out the TRUTH with FACTS - why Anil Sachdeva keeps running amok. Again and again?

Rare Photo. Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.

Mission  Impossible: Anil Sachdeva

(Above photo taken on July 7, 2010 at 7.12am at Murali Marg, opposite A-29, Nizamuddin East, the house of this ex-NECA offender.)

Legal violations galore by an ex-NECA (Nizamuddin East Colony Association) servant Anil Sachdeva, better known in the residential  colony as Mr. Nizamuddin East for his illegal, arrogant ways and for  solely  and blatantly serving himself.
Read on...



Doorstep Harrassment, Anil Sachdeva style

Photo Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.

Doorstep Alarm: Nuissance for Neighbours

(Persistent honking, screetching as a combo in a specially organized mini-school bus opposite his house each morning and afternoon, courtesy Honerable Anil Sachdeva ji: All arrogannt man, no sense!)



Photo Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.

Hijacked  Public  Footpath by Anil Sachdeva

CAUTION: Residents must stay alert, informed and observe if the present and successive NECA office-bearers endow special favours upon themselves or their close ones (favouritism). Look at the parks around their houses, footpaths, street lighting, fencing, use of vehicle parking space and above all, regularly check their arrogance levels! Favoritism is a menace with RWAs en masse.

Photo Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.

After  MCD  2nd demolition

Sideface: The violator Anil Sachdeva, A-29 Nizamuddin East

on wheels

A fleeting glimpse...

Photo Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.

Escape to eternity:  Anil Sachdeva

Misuse of position: Were the former Nizamuddin East RWA honchos blind to the fact that their blighter is a compulsive violator? Who were the NECA president/secretary then? Shame them!

A Blind ex-NECA: a) The public footpath remains occupied despite two demolitions by the MCD squad. b) House backside boundary wall/room extended onto the public service road. c) Front public drainage-manhole covered/blocked. d) Entire house terrace covered sans permissions. e) Special 'self-privileged' fluorescent lamppost specially installed  facing his house' back door by coaxing and pressurising  local electricity authorities. f) Furthermore, fathom the unique style of parking a humble MUV that ensures blinding view of those exiting to the main accident-prone road. g) Most of the stolen, exuberant trees from the colony's main children's park are unabashedly perched on the periphery of the usurped footpath for personal car parking by a colony ex-public servant and resident  Anil Sachdeva  a.k.a Mr. Nizamuddin East?



Photo Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.

Anil Sachdeva:  Rambo style parking

ParKING Style: A-29, Nizamuddin East car parking a humble MUV Rambo style: Blame land-grabbing on a humble black MUV? Forced Occupation: Parking to blind others view of  dangerous main road.

The focus in our column on the functioning of the Residents Welfare Associations called (RWA Watch) yet again showcases the blatant manner that the Nizamuddin East Colony Association (NECA) ex-Joint Treasurer Anil Sachdeva has continued with his illegal, arrogant and shameless violation of the municipal corporation laws and created public nuisance since the time he was elected and refuses to abandon all that and more.

It begins with forceful occupation of the public footpath for personal car parking. Indeed, charity begins at this NECA ex-office-bearer's home! Not only this gross violation, he has even brazenly embezzled many of the trees bought and meant for planting exclusively in the colony's main and biggest children's park. These expensive, lush green puerile trees have conveniently made way for the flower bed seated on an illegally occupied footpath brushing in front of house number: A-29. A case of acute apathy and unconcern for the colony environ and misappropriation of colony funds by its own representative.

Dirty job: Illegal  backside house boundary
wall extensions and protrusions by Anil Sachdeva.

Photo Copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.

Backside  Dirty Job-Anil Sachdeva-a29 nizamuddin east

Extensions on backside: Dirty job. Free overflowing water 24/7 from water tanks on top-floor spilling over incessantly and causing filth in entire backlane of adjoining houses. Meanwhile, this amazing tree-stealing-cum-sneaking activity took place whilst the colony gardeners were deployed to plant over 6 of these tall trees meant for the beautification of the main Children's Park in the colony's A-Block. Now, most of these  surreptitiously deported trees unabashedly stand tall on the periphery of the illegally-occupied public footpath bang opposite Anil Sachdeva's house. So much for being shady!

Whom are such colony servants serving? Should you entrust them with upkeep of a naturally endowed colony? You know the answer.




A rich  heritage prevails: Abdur Rahim Khanekhana Tomb


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