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BELLpeppers by Rashmi Oberoi-August 2. Coach Potatoes




Bell peppers by Rashmi Oberoi-



Indian locomotive


As I settle myself in the window seat of my locomotive coach...and I have to say that about 95% of the time I do manage to get one - thanks to timely booking and most often than not travelling by my ‘lonesome ownsome’ on the Shatabdi locomotive increases the importance of the ‘looking through the glass’ time. The only thing that blurs the euphoria of travelling home is the ‘other’ passenger occupying the seat next to me. Over the last 10 years, I have been a regular traveller on this train and by regular I mean at least once or twice a month if not more and so yes, I do know the train...frequent passengers... weird occupants...the ticket collectors...waiters...the familiar food... unappetising al too well.

I am not called the ‘Shatabdi Queen’ by my friends and family for nothing. If there was a system of collecting ‘Chugging Points’ believe you me I would be travelling free by now... I would probably also be appointed as their mascot... And would gladly even do it. Yes I often do dream of all those miles that I could have collected and in return flown off... Oops!! I meant chugged off to some ‘Top 10’ fabulous destinations... Like ‘Amazing Arrakonam’ or ‘Exciting Ekma’ or even ‘Mysterious Muri’ that have been waiting to be ticked off on my bucket list!!


Shatabdi Express-fnbworld-rashmi oberoi


But alas...this is not to be and my day-dreaming ends in vain as I land back in my lumpy leather seat with a sharp jab in my side instead of a thud!“Not again,” is what I mutter to myself. I know what that jab means. There are a peculiar variety of people who you meet along ‘life’ and your ‘travels’ and they can be categorized as pokers/pinchers/grabbers/jabbers etc. Oh yes, also the ‘staring’ variety that gawk and leer. But I now have a ‘jabber’ next to me...the kind of person who stretches out in his seat as if he is lolling in his personal recliner in the confines of his living room. The coach-potatos’ elbows stretch out sideways with no care for the person sitting next to him. I squirm and scrunch up in my seat and sit sideways resembling a squished octopus with a contorted body and expression.

I am already gearing up for the next move when he carelessly stretches out his legs and takes over more than 1/3 of my space. I detest personal ‘space invasion’ that is forced upon me. Long gone are those days when I would meekly ignore such rude behaviour but no more. I now fight back...with the only weapons I possess – the ‘elbows’ and I prepare for battle and elbow away with a fierceness that makes the slob take notice. Most of them are incorrigible and persistently continue with their shameless actions. Realisation dawns slowly...the tube light suddenly sparks fluorescent lighting and the ballast is able to regulate it efficiently to the imbecile’s brain.

It is the same story while travelling in the metro...even in the ladies compartment if you please as there exists the regular ‘elbowers’ who dig their way and then squeeze themselves into seats meant for eight till there are about a dozen squished in and invariably who look like they are about to slide down the edges and are seen hanging on to the side bars for dear life. The mall is another place that one has to be constantly on the defensive role to disperse the unwelcoming jabs...unless you want to be in the side-lines watching the whole spectacle while sipping an iced-cappuccino. I confess I am quite happy doing this!

The other day, just before take-off, Mum messaged that she was seated next to one such ‘elbower’... “Elbow Away Ma,” is what I advised her before she shut off her phone and she did quite a good job I am told in keeping her space clutter-free. Yes, I like to keep my loved ones ‘armed and wise’.

Let me make it very clear, that the only ‘Elbow Benders’ I tolerate...Or rather appreciate are the kind that sit on the bar-stool and ‘Elbow Bend’ along with happy, positive people... Raising a toast to all the good things in life... Love... Food... Music... Travel... The kind of stuff that warms your soul not once but for a lifetime! So ‘elbow bend’ away but in the right way is all I seek.

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