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BELLpeppers by Rashmi Oberoi. Septemer 24. 2015-Chauvinism




Bell peppers by Rashmi Oberoi-



Pregnant male-fnbworld 

It’s appalling to see around me at most times male chauvinists that are thriving in this country. I often watch their chauvinistic behaviour and its incorrigibility that their friends, families and better halves even tolerate it....or may be they have just come to terms with it. Whatever it is, I just abhor it and it shouldn’t be allowed to fester in this day and age.


There was this one instance when a young mother travelling with 2 little ones and her ‘husband’ was at her wit’s end handling them on the 2 seats of a chair car train. One was just an infant, the other a toddler. Every time the poor lady sat down, the infant would wail and so she spent most of her time walking up and down the aisle. And to top it all, the toddler refused to sit calmly and was following his mother and running riot. I saw the lady balancing the infant and trying to hold on to the hyper toddler.

Ummm, the ‘husband’ utter @#$%^&!! He just sat staring into space most times and the rest dozing. Once in a while, I heard him pass on some great advice on how his wife should handle the situation... or mumbled some pearls of wisdom incoherently! I have to say, it took a lot of self-control on my part from getting up and slapping the bugger.

Oh my god, what is it with men who think that child rearing is a woman’s job and that ‘producing’ them is their only role to play. I could see other passengers also watching this charade and getting a little upset at the man’s attitude. Dirty looks of course did not register with that man. His dullard brain did not comprehend the ‘stares’ he was getting. I realised later that I had been holding on to the plastic fork from my snack tray rather tightly and in that vexed state had turned it into something misshapen and not so ‘forky’.

Finally, I saw one of the kids on the husband’s lap and the idiotic man feeding the child innumerable chocolates. Huh! “No wonder,” I thought to myself. I stared into my phone trying to disconnect myself from the situation around me that was riling me no end. Finally, I saw the exhausted woman take a seat as the infant had been lulled into sleep. My heart went out to her, really.

And another incident during a flight that I still can’t quite get out of my head took place was just when I thought all was calm...all was fine and the flight was going to be a non-exciting one, I heard a loud crash...loud voices...babies crying...the works. In my mind, I could foresee the catastrophe but nonetheless I peered, discreetly of course to see the shenanigans.

Man with fork-fnbword


A lady’s food tray was on the floor, spilt remnants on her lap, a wailing  infant, a hyper kid sitting astride the handle dividing the seats and a very angry husband who kept ranting and raving about the situation at hand with a scowl on his face. Seriously man, get a life before you end up with no wife!


The attending stewardess helped in clearing up the mess, including replacing the lady’s tray but the icing on the ‘smelly’ cake was this perennial ‘irritant’ asking his wife to take care of the kids while he ate his breakfast. And she did... And the @#$%^&* ate!! Picture this situation...a man gulping down his food with not a single worry on his mind, eating like there is no tomorrow...and a woman balancing two kids, two food trays and her dignity and still managing to look composed to a certain degree.

The fact of the matter I applaud this woman or scream ‘blue murder’ at her stupidity? I mean, I really wanted to fling a few things from my breakfast tray on his empty skull but such violent thoughts were kept in check.

Does one be vocal about this or let sleeping dogs lie? I really wanted to butt in and give the man a piece of my mind. It annoys me even more so because most of my life I have been surrounded by “Gentlemen” who put themselves last. And here was a situation that ruffled my ‘feathers’ to no end.

Oh, I must confess, rather sheepishly though, that certain thoughts did plague my mind with visions of me sauntering past his seat and prodding him with a fork. Confessions of a serial ‘forker’ no doubt! The man lives to be a jerk yet another day as I wonder if men could get pregnant, would they behave differently towards women?!

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