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COVERT-priya singh paul-fnbworld

I was unable to put down the reluctantly picked up “catching the wolf on wall street” by Jordan Belforte and to my surprise thoroughly enjoyed an uninterrupted four-hour read. This is a vivid, colourful, first person conversations with self about pelf, kind of a “must read” in ones “to do” list. Not limited to the finance industry because of its “Zero to hero” and “the great fall” syntax and structure, the nuances of life passionately and hellishly lived brings to the mind’s eye anyone in any field sitting in any country who rose from nothing to something on pure wit and bravado and then lost it all.


catching the wolf of wall street-priya singh paul-fnbworld


catching the wolf of wall street-priya singh paul-fnbworld

Jordan Belforte’s subconscious ride into the labyrinth of the do’s, dont’s can and cant’s of the holy book (surprised!!) is vicariously  revealed through the words actions thoughts deeds of a man who is a brilliant, irreverent, out of the box thinker, and though he indulged in the dirtiest of “might is right” antics has an innocence and a generous, loyal spirit that appeals. What a connect with the heart. Readers will agree.

This isn’t just a book about a guy who was busted by the #FBI because of insider trading and breaking every rule in the book but a foray into the minds of men, who they are and what they dig.



Why they love and whom they leave. How they perceive girls and what wives should do to keep them forever panting. It is about an innocent conscience that slowly and surely gets contaminated because of being exposed to icons with feet of clay till it ceases to distinguish between right and wrong and constantly seeks a high even though he perceives through the haze that the fall is inevitable.

A fascinating tale of a man who believed in love but was incapable of loyalty, who loved his children but wasn’t a great dad, who was adored by his friends and not one told him to be good. A man with the kind of gifting and talent seldom seen, favoured by god and circumstance, who did the exact opposite of what could have celebrated him as the salt and light of the earth, forever waxing never waning.

Well, all said and done, this book is all about the merits of integrity, good character, self control, purity, holiness, well camouflaged in the kind of lusty story that even the louts would read and learn a lesson or two.To whom much is given, much is expected. Otherwise, the law takes over and you reap what you sow…


No wonder, the book in the UK has sold 1,69,484 copies of the print edition and a little over 11,000 copies of the e-book. It s currently at #2 on the Sunday Times UK non fiction paperback bestselle chart. In India, the book has sold a little over 2000 copies (combined print and e-book sales). Total pages; 468. Price; 599. Publisher: #Hachette India, Hodder and Stoughton, a Hachette UK company published in arrangement with Random House Inc.

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