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Cecil Victor. January 29.-2014. BROWN SUGAR:REGARDS FROM PAKISTAN


Editorial. Cecil Victor. January. XXIX. XIV




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Cecil Victor-fnbworld  BY CECIL VICTOR


Step aside Devyani Khobragade (former deputy consul general from the US of A), Pakistan se diplomat sahib aa rahen hai driving a truck full of “brown sugar”.

He was arrested by the authorities at the #Salamabad trade facilitation centre on the Line of Control. When informed about the incident the Pakistani authorities said he could not be arrested because he enjoyed diplomatic immunity! Such is the farce of Indo-Pak trade relations.


Truckload of brown sugar


For a week now all cross LoC trade has stopped in its tracks because the Pakistanis have refused to allow 27 Indian trucks to return through the #Chakoti trade facilitation centre on the Pakistan side till their “diplomat” is released. The whole thing wreaks of State-sponsored narcotics smuggling. 

About 100 kilogrammes of “brown sugar” were seized from a truck carrying top layer of dry fruits. #“Brown sugar” is a cheaper combination of heroin and other chemical substances and is believed to be more dangerous because the addict does not know the amount of heroin he is injesting with each dose. It is also called Pakistani heroin.



The driver of the truck and the Kashmiri consignee were arrested. The rest of the 48 trucks that had brought in various types of goods ranging from dry fruits to vegetables were allowed to return to the Pakistan side. But the Pakistanis did not allow the 27 Indian trucks that had gone to #Chakoti with goods for further transhipment to return to India. The agreed drill is that all trucks that cross the LoC must return to their respective countries in one batch. Pakistan has not allowed its own 48 trucks to return home and they have been languishing in the space between the two barriers for about a week since the smuggling was discovered. The 27 Indian truckers are in forced confinement on the Pakistani side of the Chakoti trade facilitation centre.

The Taliban and #Al Qaeda jihadi groups have objected to trade between the two countries.They scuttled the #Pakistani proposal to do a deal on electricity with India as well as the Most Favoured Nation treatment to India.


That drugs should have entered India through a Pakistani-held checkpost did not faze the Pakistanis and the demand for the release of the truck driver on grounds that he enjoyed diplomatic immunity came too pat and smelled of conspiracy. On the Pakistani side the trade facilitation centre is headed by a director-general who is a retired Brigadier.


Several decades ago - at the height of the Sikh separatist Khalistani movement in Punjab the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi conducted studies on the rampant drug smuggling into Punjab and its socio-political effect on the local population. It came to the conclusion that the drug smuggling was an organized attempt to control the minds and behavior of Punjabi youth.

Since the war against Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 70s it was known that the Pakistan Army Inter-Services Intelligence had been assigned the leadership role to conduct the anti-Soviet insurgency. The poppy grown by the Afghan insurgents inside Afghanistan was diverted by the ISI to heroin refining laboratories in the Pakistani tribal areas and the former North West Frontier Province (now Khybar Pakhtunkhawa) to supplement the incomes of the Afghan warlords. That refined Afghan heroin was finding its way into America via the Mexican border appeared to be of little concern to the American authorities.

Large consignments of the #Afghan poppy derivatives  were siphoned off across the Indo-Pak border to Punjab along with weapons and counterfeit Indian currency to stoke the Khalistani insurgency there.

When the #Khalistani movement was crushed in the mid-80s a similar movement was stoked in Jammu and Kashmir in the hope that the Kashmiri Muslim population would choose to join their co-religionists. It never happened and the Pakistan Army #ISI has been trying to change the balance of forces in Jammu and Kashmir through infiltration and the supply of drugs and weapons in the hope of giving the Kashmiri seperatists  the means of waging war against India.  

The blatant smuggling of drugs through an official channel and claiming diplomatic immunity for the perpetrator reveals a new type of operation of destabilization against India. India is caught in a cleft stick of ensuring that drugs are not smuggled into India on the one hand and trying to revive the trade route across the Indo-Pak border and the traditional routes between the two halves of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir on the other.  

This appears part of Pakistan’s dual track treatment of the homegrown Islamic jihadi terrorism. A section of the jihadis have turned against the government of Pakistan for collusion with America and in recent days about a hundred security personnel have been targeted by suicide bombers . For the first time the Pakistan Army has launched  military operations inside North Waziristan and it is unclear whether it is an act of revenge or whether the army is following the civilian government’s order to deal with the militants with a firm hand. If it is the latter, then the Government of Mian #Nawaz Sharif is playing his usual dual game of running with the jihadis in one part of the country (his personal fiefdom in Punjab) and hunting with the military hounds in the tribal areas.

The smuggling of drugs is the carrot for operations against India and appears to be the opening gambit of a new round of hostilities in which crossborder transfer of contraband is being sanctified by the extension of diplomatic immunity to the perpetrators.


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