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Cecil Victor. March 22. 2014. CHINA PROXY WAR BOOMERANGS


Editorial. Cecil Victor. March XXII. XIV








At an Uighurs clash with Hans-fnbworld


Malaysian aeroplane hijacked or? - fnbworld


Pak-Sino nuke ties-fnbworld


China long encouraged Pakistan in the use against India of Islamist jihadis operating from behind the nuclear shield supplied by Beijing. Islamabad has been in the habit of threatening India with a direct escalation to nuclear confrontation by its frequent use of the “nuclear flashpoint” warning during every moment of crisis between the two countries caused by the use of terrorists by Pakistan.

Given the series of attacks by Uighur ethnic fighters, the spate of Tibetan self-immolations (not within Tibet but the Chinese hinterland) and now the mysterious disappearance of a Malaysian airlines Boeing aircraft on a scheduled flight to Beijing have raised for Chinese leaders the spectre of a blowback of terrorism on the Han mainland.


China’s internal security situation is beginning to acquire a resemblance to that caused within and around India by the China-Pakistan collusion. The biter is beginning to be bitten.


Beijing is acutely aware that Uighur terrorism has its origins inside Pakistan and former Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s claim that he had handed over as many as 20 Uighur jihadi fighters to China during the Pakistan People’s Party governance between 2008 and 2013 confirms Chinese fears.  They had been implicated in the kidnapping and killing of Chinese engineers and technicians employed in dam-building in places like Gomal Zam in Khyber Paktunkhwa (former NWFP).

Even as Uighur fighters based in North Waziristan are creeping closer to their homeland in Xiangjiang across Pakistan’s Chilas district there does not appear to be any foreign hand involvement in the Uighur uprising against Chinese Han domination. It is, by and large, indigenous with pockets of support within Pakistan and ethnic commonality in Turkmenistan which lies north of Afghanistan and has no direct landlink with Chinese Xianjiang due east.  

Evidence of no foreign involvement in Uighur terrorism is underscored by the absence of firearms in major attacks by ethnic Uighurs on Han Chinese. The preferred weapon is a locally fashioned knife which is long and pointed. It was this weapon and locally fashioned bombs that were predominantly used to attack Chinese police and Han settlers within Xianjiang. Knives were the main weapons in the attack in the train station several thousand kilometers away at Kunming on the other side of Tibet in China’s  Yunnan province.

In Kunming the ferocity of the attack can be gauged from the fact that 29 persons were killed and more than a 100 slashed in the March 1 attack by eight Uighur men and women. Four were shot dead  and four captured by Chinese security guards.

It appears that they were part of a larger group that was trying to escape into bordering Vietnam and Laos and seemed to be victims of acute claustrophobia caused by the Han Chinese suppression of local Uighur religion which is Muslim and culture which is Turkic and largely similar to the former Central Asian Republic of the Soviet Union, Turkmenistan. The Uighur demand is for an independent Muslim nation-state named East Turkestan.

Their level of frustration at Chinese domination can be seen in the escalation of violence against the ethnic Han Chinese  ranging from attacks within Xianjiang and more spectacular strikes as deep as in Tienanmen Square in the heart of Beijing-- a car was driven into a crowd of sightseers in one of China’s most photographed sites.


The Tibetans on the other hand enjoy world-wide support garnered through a wellknit propaganda machine. The Tibetans have not used violence as their tool against the Chinese, preferring self-immolation to highlight their demand for greater autonomy and restoration of status of the Dalai Lama as their spiritual ruler. The Han Chinese are secretly happy that the Tibetans have chosen self-immolation instead of violence of the Uighur kind.

They are very clear in their perception that the self-immolation by Tibetans does not have the same politically incendiary effect as did the Vietnamese Buddhist monks’ self-destruct during the Indochina freedom struggle against American occupation. Their self-immolation created a global political  groundswell against the Americans. The Chinese do not expect any such thing to happen in Tibet, where the international community led by the US appears to have accepted Chinese hegemony over the Tibetans. Time and again they call for talks between Beijing and the Dalai Lama to negotiate a return of the spiritual leader to his country. Several rounds of talks between the Tibetan representatives and Beijing have been fruitless.

Local Tibetans have been frequently making their point through self-immolation, not within Tibet (where only four immolations took place) but in the  Chinese heartland to rouse the conscience of the Chinese people.  The largest numbers of deaths (36) have taken place in Nagaba (in the Sechuan province). It has become standard practice for Tibetans to draw attention to their plight by self-immolations during events like the Olympics or other such international ceremonies which include foreign visitors. The cumulative effect of these self-immolations has been that the foreign governments are beginning to look like hypocrites in the eyes of their own people and somewhere, some time, at some international forum, they will have to talk to China about it.


As things stand, the Uighur bloodletting, the Tibetan self-immolations and now the Malaysian Airlines hijacking – irrespective of whether it finally turns out to be just one man’s mad desire to destroy as many as he could in one strike – the Chinese people and their government are beginning to realize what it feels to be terrorstruck.   


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