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Cecil Victor. November 23. 2014- Farcical war on terror


Editorial. Cecil Victor. XI.XXIII.XIV


A Farce Called "War Against Terror"



Cecil Victor-fnbworld By Cecil Victor





ISI-terror-fnbworldGhulam Nabi Fai-fnbworld


Canada and Britain have taken positions on the death penalty for terrorists that have already boomeranged on the former with the attack on Parliament. Britain has told India that it will not share intelligence or information in criminal cases that could lead to the death sentence. Representatives of both countries have been involved in atrocities committed against prisoners in Abu Gharib prison, Iraq, where inhuman things were done to humans who would have been better off hanged or electrocuted.


Their position has made it difficult for India to complete cases against terrorists involved in heinous cases because part of the evidence lies in these two countries. In jurisprudence this is clearly an act that benefits the accused and hence has collusive intent. The attitude of both these countries and some others within the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation are prone to make such demands and their politicians raise issues against India on payment channeled by touts like Ghulam Nabi Fai who is on the payroll of the Pakistan Army Inter-Services Intelligence. Fai has just completed a judicial sentence for his illegal lobbying activities in America which focused on Jammu and Kashmir. It is significant that in spite of this nexus between Fai, the ISI and American Congressmen, the US has refrained from declaring Pakistan as a nation that supports terrorism.


Politically, Britain has been supporting separatist movements in India. It was responsible for the illegal occupation of a large chunk of Jammu and Kashmir through the unilateral declaration by Pakistani hegemony by one of its minions named Major Brown who encouraged the Gilgit Scouts to raise the Pakistan flag over the garrison at Gilgit. The most blatant was the Khalistani Sikh movement in Punjab in the 1980s. Its president Jasjit Singh Chauhan stood on a street in London and issued a threat on BBC television to kill Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son –a criminal offence which went unnoticed by the British government.  (Indira Gandhi was eventually assassinated by her Sikh guards in 1984).


Recently, in conjunction with the resumed firing across the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir the ISI had organized a “Million March” to protest “Indian atrocities in Kashmir” in London. India raised an objection to which Britain sanctimoniously replied that it does not gag freedom of expression. The march did take place with less than a fraction of the promised “million” but it turned out to be a political farce in which the lackluster son of one of Pakistan’s iconic prime ministers, Benazir Bhutto, was booed off the stage. Billawal Bhutto was trying to launch his political career with a thundering statement on Kashmir which his rivals nixed.  


The whole drama occurred on a London street which terrorists and those bent upon destabilizing other nations find congenial because the British government turns a blind eye to such activities. India has suffered grievously because of this British attitude. It needs to be underscored that the current fragmented state of the world is largely the product of collusive intent among NATO and “coalition” forces. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Pakistan are nation-states in a severe state of flux, each affected in its own way by the sectarian subdivisions being brought about by the ISIS Sunni combine.


There was a time when this process was known as ‘Balkanisation’ and there was a time when India was a prime target for this process. The US permanent representative in the UN Mrs Jeanne Kirkpatrick was  an ardent practitioner of the art and craft of Balkanisation and she recommended its application to India. Britain was an eager footsoldier for the project. Sixty-seven years since it was booted out of India it has been trying to avenge itself on a  nation it sees as having started the process of making the sun set on the British empire.


Given the rejection of its requests for cooperation in terrorism cases, the government of India and the National Investigating Agency should so frame the charges against the terrorists that these can be entirely covered by the evidence at hand instead of depending on nations that will put an uncompromising rider in lieu of any cooperation against terrorists by this country.


The classic case is that of the Lashkar-e-Toiba mastermined who was deeply involved in the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. Hafiz Mohammad Saeed is roaming freely all over Pakistan and has a strong base in Lahore from where he issues frequent threats to India.


The irony is lost to that portion of the world which conjured up the words: “War Against Terror” and are currently involved in embarking their soldiers on widebodied jets to get them out of Afghanistan as soon as possible. They were supposed to have cleaned out the nest of vipers called the Al Qaeda/Taliban combine which includes such fragments as the Lashkar-e-Toiba. Not one of them has been decimated but the War Against Terror is being wound down.


How can India or any other nation afflicted by the scourge of terrorism depend on the likes of these? Britain thinks that it can escape terrorism which it has helped nurture. Canada has just discovered that its sanctimonious attitude cannot be a safe armour against the terrorist.



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