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Cellphone Manners- Lisabelle Gonsalves


Cellphone Manners Much Needed

 By Lisabelle Gonsalves

cellphone manners-fnbworld

Do you have cellphone etiquette? What's with every Tom, Dick and Harry roaming around with a hi-tech business phone trying to feel important? Most of them are up to nothing constructive and barely even know how to do anything other than call, text, click photos and update their Facebook status! But that's not my problem. What really irks me is when the little monster shows up to a nice dinner and keeps on buzzing like a baby crying for attention.

1. Dining at a restaurant or just sipping your favourite cocktail/mocktail, then put your phone on silent and leave it in your bag/pocket. Learn the art of enjoying your meals that hardly last an hour. Remember, you can always return the missed calls, reply to messages or check email once you're through with the dining. 


2. Travelling by public transport and find it hard to hear what the person on the other end of the line is saying? Instead of shouting your lungs out, annoying fellow passengers and letting everyone in on your conversation, tell the person you'll call back. How hard is that?!

3. In an office meeting, make sure your phone is on silent/ vibrator mode. It's the decent thing to do when your boss is addressing you. If the call is absolutely urgent, excuse yourself for a minute before answering. P.S. Walking up and down the aisles talking loudly (and persuasively) to clients makes us want to take your phone and flush it down you know where.

4. When you are contacting a friend after a long time, do not text. It's most impersonal and conveys you are doing it out of obligation. Pick up the phone and call for heaven's sake!


5. Never carry your cell phone to the restroom. If you do, make sure it stays in your pocket. It's really creepy when you mysteriously hear someone from one of the stalls engage in a full-fledged conversation that you have no desire to eavesdrop on.

6. Always put your phone on silent at a place of worship, hospital, theatre, funeral... you get the drift. If the incoming call is urgent, leave the premises or find a secluded spot to answer it. Talking in such places is plain impolite.

7. Everyone needs to unwind after a long day – a couple of drinks with friends, club-hopping or just a good ol' movie with your spouse. Relax and appreciate the company you are with and don't tweet 'Hving a blast with my gal pals'. Aarghh! If you really are having a good time, you'd be too occupied to go viral about it.

8. Just because you're up all night strategising, doesn't mean you SMS your colleagues at 2am with some brainwave you just had! Reserve that for the next work day or since you are so tech-savvy, send an email.

9. Set your ring tone as per the occasion; that's why your smart phone allows you to select various profiles. That Cuppy Cake ring tone in a board meeting is a strict no-no. Another annoying thing is when you go through the millions of ring tone options or check voice mail in public. We don't want to hear it!

10. When you're waiting your turn at the doctor's, playing games on your phone is a great way to pass time. Just make sure your phone is on silent. It's unfunny when we're made to listen to constant sound effects especially if we're reading a magazine.

Source: Team iDiva

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