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Chilly chicken


(with innovation)


Kiran Sabharwal By Kiran Sabharwal




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 Most non-vegetarians are fond of 'Chilly Chicken' but most of us never try making it at home. In fact, we rather tend to order it from the restaurants. But now we can cook this delicious yet easy-to-do chicken.


!.750 gms boneless chicken

2.2 eggs

3.Corn flour

4.Pinch of Maida

5.2 big sized onions

6.1 Big size capsicum

7.Tomato sauce

8.Chilly sauce

9.2 green chillies

10. pinch of red color

11.Tomato paste of three to four small sized tomatoes

For marination

Beat eggs and add a tablespoon corn flour and pinch of maida in it. Now add the pieces of boneless chicken and keep it in a fridge for two to three hours after putting salt and red chilly powder in it Afer two three hours of marination just shallow fry the chicken pieces and keep aside.

For gravy

Put oil in the wok and put chopped onion in it till it gets little brown, add finely chopped capsicum in it and saute it in.between. Now add tomato puree in it and add salt and red chilly according to your taste.Then add tomato sauce and chilly sauce and a pinch of red color (according to your liking). When you get the smooth paste, add marinated chicken in it and add green chillies. Stir it in between till it gets its final shape.