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Chindian Cuisine in Kanpur by Bilal Vohra


Fine ‘Chindian’ Cuisine

Bilal Vihra-fnbworld By Bilal Vohra


Landmark's special Rice-fnbworld

Kanpur as a town had always been on the radar of food crazy people as it was the epicenter of Awadh cuisine for centuries. The fad still continues but has become a little refined in terms of what’s on the plate and how it is presented with a number of newly opened family diners running across the city and doing some good business and from the same lot we have a our grind for the day at Waterside, a restaurant opened about 2 years back in Landmark Hotel at the mall road.

Mutton Beliram-fnbworld


Going with Indian, Chinese and Chindian is always a safe bet if you are unwilling to experiment but even to pull this one is no joke as you directly take a dive with already thousand predators in it. The place is big and interiors are simple yet appealing with spacious dining area and pool by the side the total seating capacity would be around 200 odd in total.



The menu looks compulsive and we went on with the easiest of Chindian one starting with Honey chilli potato a western stumble on ‘fish & chip’ was also spotted and was worth a try too. The honey-chilli potatoes are well cooked though the honey drizzle could have been improved as for the fish it was perfectly simmered with a great crust and was juicy. From the Indian section we had our winner which was Rajasthani lal boti kawab which is a great juicy traditional Rajasthani recipe of tender meat laced in red chili and grilled to perfection.

For the main course Chindian I tried the paneer (cottage cheese) in schezwan and Landmark special rice which was chef’s recommendation where the cottage cheese was nice and tender and gravy was rice and thick with well balanced chilies as for the Landmark special rice it didn’t turn out to be very appealing to me as the quality of rice used was not the best one. From the Indian section we had the mutton Beliram (an old brand) with breads which was a great tasting yogurt and onion based semi-thick gravy.


Caramel Custard-fnbworld

The dessert section does not hold a large variety and mostly pulls out a few options right out of its bakery placed in the hotel compound had a go at Caramel custard and mango calononi (probably and Indian rip off for Cannelloni) both are completely worth a miss with custard feeling refrigerated and the calononi was more of a swiss roll with artificial mango flavour.

The place would leave you down by Rupees 3000 for the PLF (pocket loosing factor) of 2 and my suggestion would be to go with the Lal boti and Mutton Beliram and the number to make reservation is (0512)2305305.


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