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Hyderabad, May 18, 2014.

All India Christian Council congratulates Prime Minister designate Narendra Modi on his massive victory in the recent elections and expects him to be inclusive in taking India forward to make it great. Narendra Modi's campaign on development was the right one. This was the main issue Indians were concerned about in 2014. This is one issue where all Indians are agreed regardless of their religious and caste background.

The new young India with over a 100 million new voters belonging to all castes and religions including young Christians who also have voted for Modi's promise to deliver jobs, opportunities and deal with the stagnant economic condition across the nation. Also inflation and price rise had demoralized peoples in the urban and rural areas.

Majority Indians are not in position to handle this level of inflation as their personal incomes are nowhere near the rate of inflation.

For the Christian community which has always worked in the areas of development and equality standing by the downtrodden and oppressed have believed that caste needs to be eradicated for India to be truly great.

The election of the first OBC India's Prime Minister is a welcome development in the long process of India's social reform. The Council appreciated Narendra Modi's reference to his humble backward caste origins.

Modi's rise to the high office would not have been possible without the contribution of the great Dr B R Ambedkar and Mahatma Phule, who kindled hope among the Dalit-Bahujans of India.

There is a new Indian Christian community in India which is now a sizable population in different parts of the nation and impacting Indian life in many ways including election results. Christians cannot be considered a small mini minority any more.


This new Indian Christian community expects Narendra Modi and his government to take them and other minorities along to make India truly inclusive in the great task of nation building'.

The Christian community expects extremist forces to be kept at bay by the new Prime Minister and his cabinet and hopes there will be an end to the anti-Christian violence of recent years in different states. Indian Christians are neither foreigners nor anti-nationals. The Christian community needs to be allowed to continue their peaceful living and practice of their faith .

Signed and released by

Rev Dr Joseph Dsouza, President, AICC and 

Rev Dr. G. Samuel,

Vice- President, AICC.

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