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Cinema Review: Lovelace by Ramawatar Sharma


Of Ultimate Secrecy

Ramawatar Sharma


Uncensored/Ramawatar Sharma






There is no universally accepted explanation about human sexuality becoming a subject of #"ultimate secrecy" in most societies of the world. A simple biological phenomenon has become the most dominant factor of human existence and most complicated too. Had it restricted itself to reproduction alone, it wouldn't have been a subjected to any controversy. But the pleasure and imagination associated with it made the human sexuality highly complicated. And all this had consequences. #Pornography is one of the many byproducts of this psycho-social approach to a biological activity and human prejudice and outlook are the main contributing factors.

There is this very young girl brought up in a very disciplined home. She comes in contact with a fine looking, well-behaved man, falls for him and gets married. It is now that her life turns upside down where she is forced into the world of prostitution and pornography. The easy going Linda Boreman becomes #Linda Lovelace - a top rated porn star. There are applauds and recognition but there is pain as well and a lot of it. The movie #"Deep Throat" had made millions but Linda gets just $ 1250/- and that too was controlled by her husband. The man she trusted turns out to be a greedy pimp and crook who forced her into this quagmire of sexual exploitation.

#Amanda Seyfried plays as Linda Lovelace. She has performed very well and appears to have put her soul into this challenging role. A seventeen day's work in the porn industry caused immense damage to the psyche of Linda and her courage to come out of it and restart a normal family life are the hallmark of the story. Her agony and anguish are realistically depicted by Amanda and so are the moments of innocence on the first day of shooting a clip of her porn movie.

The role of Linda's first husband and tormentor Chuck has been played by #Peter Sarsgaard and he excels in this role of a greedy and exploitative husband who can stoop to any level to make a quick buck and repay his loan.

Old timer #Sharon Stone gives a stellar performance as a mother undergoing emotional trauma because of her daughter's choice of a dubious career. This may, perhaps, be Stones's best performance ever. Likewise, #Robert Patrick has done a wonderful job, hardly speaking  a word or two, but his performance as a broken and helpless father lingers in viewer's memory .

The film is directed by #Rob Epstein and #Jeffrey Friedman. It is to the credit of directors that despite such a subject, they have refrained from graphic sex and nudity. They have focused more on #Linda Boreman the person than Lovelace the body.

This biography/drama genre movie was released during August 2013 and runs 93 minutes. The cast includes Amanda Seyfried , Peter Sarsgaard , Sharon Stone and Robert Patrick. It is produced by  Millennium Films and Eclectic Pictures.

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