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Cinema Review: Magnolia by Ramawatar Sharma



Magnolia: About coincidences

and raining frogs...


Uncensored/Dr. Ramawatar Sharma


Tom Cruise in Magnolia


The movie "Magnolia" is based on the concept of incredible coincidences. Robbers kill a famous, innocent pharmacist. A scuba diver, picked up by a fighter plane, dies of a heart attack and the pilot of an aeroplane who had fought with this man in past, forces the guilty pilot to commit suicide.

A boy, irritated by quarrels of his parents fires an empty shot-gun  and then attempts suicide. He is hit by a bullet fired by his mother as he jumps from the roof. He could've otherwise survived the fall as there was a net below.

Meanwhile, a daughter is molested by her own father (assumed) and becomes an alcoholic and a drug addict and she begins to flirt with with strangers. Her father, suffering from cancer seeks repentance but she rebukes him driving him out of her house. When he tells his estranged wife about this, she walks out of his house and he plans a suicide. The policeman who comes to enquire about the noise at daughter's house falls in love with her but she declines his advances.

A wealthy TV show host is about to die and wants to meet and apologise to his son who has become a cult figure for frustrated young men. He teaches them how to 'tame' women and bring them under control. He declares that his father is already dead. The medical attendant to the dying old man persuades the son to meet his father. The old man's young wife (he divorced the first wife and that's why the son hates him) suddenly repents for the fact that she married him only for money. She tries to kill herself by consuming morphine and driving.


A gay man , an ex-TV show host, is obsessed with applying costly dental braces and steals the money of his former employer's office. Filled with guilt he tries to place the money back at the office. As he had lost the keys of the office door, he tries to enter the office by climbing a pole but is seen and caught by the policeman.

raining frogs in magnolia

The other evidence of recurring coincidence is when the policeman goes to a house to inquire about some loud altercations and finds a dead body in the wardrobe.  A boy indicates the possible killer through a Rap song but the policeman overlooks it.


 A similar incident had happened in the past when a friend of the boy who had jumped out from the room tells the police that his friend actually loaded the gun with the intention of killing one of his parents.

The climax of the movie is unique. There is a massive downpour of frogs from the sky that brings almost everybody to their senses! The 'frog rainfall' perhaps, represents the hammering of conscience of all the characters and brings out the reality and a feeling of mutual forgiveness in them. The movie is worth watching if you're out of good choice!


Magnolia is a 1999 American drama film written, produced, and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, narrated by Ricky Jay, and starring Jeremy Blackman, Tom Cruise, Philip Baker Hall, Philip Seymour Hoffman, ... Wikipedia

Initial release: January 7, 2000 (USA)

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Featured song: Save Me

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