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Cinema Review: Young Adam by Ramawatar Sharma


Erotica In Twilight Zone


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Young Adam-fnbworld

There are many works of art that are not for everyone, but they have great artful expressions of human talent. Nobody can deny the existence of a lower-income class all over the world, even in the wealthy nations. They live in crumpled spaces, watching and hearing each other - nothing is secret in these partitioned spaces. But people there have youth and desires. And they become ruthless in their desires!

If there is a dead body floating in a river, it obviously is news and would, naturally, attract law enforcement agencies. It would be more so if the body happens to be that of a woman. A culprit has to be found, rightly or wrongly. The story line is simple but not the plot!


Evan McGregor plays a challenging role as Joe Taylor - a hyper sexed youngster. He identifies his prey(s), their weaknesses and dares to play games of lust - absolutely remorselessly. He is a cocooned personality, outwardly very naive looking but indulging with every woman at the first opportunity, never wary of any consequence. Playing Joe Taylor couldn't have been an easy choice for any actor. There are many intense and explicit scenes of sexuality including frontal male nudity. But it is here that Evan McGregor shows his class and depth of acting. He, simultaneously, looks handsome and callous, remorseless as well as tender and fits into the role naturally.

With any movie having so much of erotica, the female lead has to be very bold as well as expressive. Words lose their identity and are overtaken by bodily expressions. Tilda Swinton as Ella Gault proves her class as being among the best in the world. She uses her body as a powerful media of expression- not commonly seen in the world cinema. She is exceptionally talented and  knows what is expected of her. Her role is worth many Oscars.

Emily Mortimer as Cathie displays a memorable performance and so does Peter Mullan as Les Gault . It is a pleasant surprise to watch so many talented people working in one film.

On the technical side, this film has many pluses. The imagery of shadows and blue hues, the scenic beauty of Scottish countryside, the zones of twilight, the life of that time period is an experience to watch. It is a film of photographer's delight.

Credit is due to director David Mackenzie for setting the mood and the scenes. This film reflects his class. A sex and "possible murder" movie is usually a thriller movie but not here. There is no thrill here, no mystery. There is contemplation, sadness and possibly a lot of anger when you leave the cine complex. This film is not for everybody but is a masterpiece for those who are searching for movies of this genre.


The film is based on a novel of same name by Alexander Trocchi, was released by Soni Classic Pictures in 2003. Time: 98 minutes. Starring: Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, Peter Mullan, Emily Mortimer; Script: David MacKenzie; Running Time: 1:33; Country: USA, U.K.; Year: 2003.

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