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Criminal State by Satya Pal Singh


Satya Pal Singh. Editorial.IX.XX.XVI  





Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal Singh



Indian soldiers ready to attack in PoK - HT Photo

What stuff are these Pakistanis made of? They don't have any sense of shame or guilt? They brutally torture and kill innocent people in occupied Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan, Jammu and Kashmir and gleefully export killer terror to build clout overseas. Persecution, genocide, mass graves in Balochistan stand witness to the criminal side of this Islamic state. Yet, they accuse the victims of their atrocities of "robbing the peace of Pakistan.”Premier Nawaz Sharif, a superficially crowned voiceless commander, is living under the dark pall of hypocrisy, drafted to carry orders from his Army and ISI chiefs. More than focusing on their country, Raheel Sharif and Rizwan Akhtar plan attacks on India, taking alibi of Kashmir. India is, therefore, now resolved to put them in place and simultaneously free the Baloch people from their clutches. Two days after their jihadi 'heroes' deceitfully massacred 18 Indian soldiers and injured many more at the Uri Army Base, they dropped 15 more suicide attackers across LoC on Tuesday, provocatively shelling at different locations close to the border. Ten of the infiltrators were gunned down by our jawans on the spot. Are not the fanatical Pakistani rulers hell-bent on dragging India into another war, not realizing what it will mean to these rogues. I wish they could, instead, await India's barrage of retaliatory strikes!



Prime Minister Narendra Modi has for 27 months hoped in vain that an unruly Pakistan would buckle under international pressure, coming to its senses putting to stop its nefarious activities on the Indian soil. If India is now ready with a decisive four-pronged military action against this rogue state, responsibility of its disastrous consequences on both sides of the divide will rest squarely with it and, to an extent with the world powers, most frontal being China, but certainly not with India, which has long suffered the ignominy of being dubbed a 'weak nation-State' in the face of continued terrorist onslaughts which had cost it heavily in men and material. Major world powers had repeatedly advised PM to exercise restraint, banking on a futile hope that Pakistan would soon give up jihad as its state policy, once it is totally isolated from the world community and sanctions are imposed against it. Alas, isolation is now trickling in, but not the sanctions. Closer home, even SAARC nations may stand united with India. They are now convinced that Islamabad had joined this association not for regional cooperation, but for sabotaging India.

Considering its deceptive credentials, had the nations like US, Russia, China, France, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine and Brazil stopped arms supplies to Pakistan in time, it would have been stultified midway in its criminal pursuits. However, these countries seem to be realizing a little belatedly though, that this monster is extending its bloody fangs to taste their meaty flesh. That is why, beside promising “full support,” US, Russia, UK, France and a host of other influential countries have asked India to act quickly against this rogue, which is spreading the net of its terror across the globe almost unhindered. The US is believed to have been supplying arms to Pakistan as it depends on it as a "counter-terrorism partner". While China has been Pakistan's major arms supplier, Saudi Arabia helps develop its nuclear programme through hefty funds. Having the largest armies in the world and as the only "declared nuclear power" among the Muslim world, Pakistan assists Saudis in their military needs. Recently, PM sought Saudi help in checking Pak terror, but the call went unheeded. 

Though a hard-liner against Pakistan, PM Modi has not visualized another destructive armed conflict with this neighbour, even as its 'non-state actors' kept causing mayhem in India. A top govt source privately confides that PM was ever confident that the world powers would be able to check Pakistan in its tracks, and that explains, why New Delhi had not attacked Pakistan immediately after the Pathankot massacre of its soldiers. Already, India has suffered so much pain at the hands of Islamabad, which drafted its terror hordes to deceitfully kill Indian soldiers, security personnel and civilians. Now, the same global powers want the irate Pakistan to be "punished" suitably and India is ready to hit back decisively with a strong retributive armed action. Military officials have conveyed to PM that they “have the desired capacity to respond to such blatant acts of aggression. We reserve the right to respond to any act of the adversary at a time and place of our choosing." President Pranab Mukherjee has approved the military action. Meanwhile, the Pak Army, too, looks hung-ho in its response, stating that it is "fully prepared to respond to the entire spectrum of direct and indirect threats" coming from India.  


Months after the despicable Gurdaspur, Pathankot attacks, Pakistan's proxy marauders had the temerity to carry out another fusillade, this time on Uri Army Base, possibly believing that India will only rehearse rhymes of peace, amity and brotherhood, as the rogue state can continue to dig deep holes in its territory, shedding blood of innocent people. If a tiny Islamabad is progressively working with its blood-sucking zeal, repeatedly sending tremors to this 1.25 billion-strong country, doesn’t that leave much to our introspection? The question is: Why didn't we move beyond the talk of "diplomacy and dialogue" earlier? I don't really know how the countrymen are looking inwards at this moment of great embarrassment, examining their emotional quotients, at least I am of the view that we have long behaved like sleeping warriors who will wake up not before the enemy start dancing on our broad chests, ready to cut our throats.

We have a parallel etched in history. In the second battle of Tarain in 1192, the brave fighting forces of 12th century Delhi-Ajmer Rajput King Prithviraj Chauhan were deceitfully butchered in the night, almost in sleep by Muhammad Ghori, throwing to the winds the basic norm of war that prohibited attacks after sunset. This happened a year after Ghori's army was defeated by Chauhan's brave soldiers in the first battle of Tarain in 1191. But as a brave ruler of casual war judgment, having mercy at heart, would often do, Prithviraj forgave Ghori and merely warned him not to return to Hindustan again, but didn't capture the defeated enemy, who was wounded and was allowed to be carried away by his soldiers. Rajput Kings had the tradition of mercy to the vanquished and did not follow the fleeing enemy. Well, this proved to be a blunder which India later repented for centuries. As novelist John Lyly says, "All Is Fair in Love and War", a rapacious Ghori took a 'do-or-die' leap to conquer the unconquerable kingdom, albeit through dishonesty and humbug. The valiant Hindu King was captured, cruelly blinded with red hot iron rods and tortured to death. With the defeat of Prithviraj, the sovereignty of most part of Hindustan passed into the hands of the foreigners. That brought the Mohammadan sovereignty over Hindustan. Historian D.C. Ganguly writes, "This defeat brought disaster on the whole of Hindustan.” The moral of this episode is that if Nehru had followed the due, right course of action immediately after the Partition, India would not be seeing this internecine war with this rogue today.

For God's sake, let it not be the case any more of our brave-heart soldiers who die ingloriously at the hands of cheap, paid criminals who don't even know why exactly they are killing these soldiers for. These Pak 'jihadis' are neither revolutionaries, nor patriotic entities. They seldom swear by Pak nationality. They are just brainwashed youths who are trained and drafted to kill anyone on their way. No one mourns for them after they are shot in encounters. Pakistan, their cowardly guide and paymaster, mercifully disowns them. One can understand the difficult terrain that sits on Indo-Pak border, incapacitating India to create an impregnable sealing of the line of control. But does it also render us incapable of giving a fool-proof security to our military bases? We may accept that it is difficult to check terrorist attacks on the civilian sites of far-flung Jammu and Kashmir territory and beyond, but it is hardly conceivable that we can't protect even our military bases effectively. We have always been taken by surprise by a spineless enemy that causes bloodshed resorting to trickery and deceit. Did we do anything worthwhile after last year's Samba attack?

Briefly interacting with a senior defence analyst the other day, I pointedly asked : Why can't we strike Pakistan in direct action? He gave me a shock of lifetime, stating that "India can't go to full-scale war with Pakistan in the present-day scenario." When asked why, he did not elaborate, possibly because he is unofficially saddled with some onerous responsibilities in his advisory capacity. Taking his view forward, is it true that India really can't declare war against Pakistan, because its Army can't be taken for granted, for the simple reason that this force has moved too far since 1971 war and the Kargil conflict. Islamabad's Navy and Air Force may still be not so strong, but its Army stands superb, good enough to fight any level of ground war. After the 1971 war, in which Pakistan saw its shameful dismemberment, it has invested beyond its means on boosting its fighting prowess. It's ground war strategy has undergone a sea-change, with large fleets of tanks, modern war machines joining in and brilliant strategists on board to command military operations.

Pakistan, which has been working hard to boost its nuclear power since 1971 war, has piled up loads of nuclear weaponry, much more than what India has done, some 100 nuclear weapons, against India's mere 60 plus. Can we really fight a conventional war with a nuclear-powered state that takes command from global terrorists who behave like violent psychopaths? Military-ISI axis takes all administrative decisions in Pakistan, standing in command as the final rulers. Once they are pushed to severe distress in war, won’t these jingoistic behemoths easily take recourse to their atomic devices? A situation too scary and threatening.

As a mature political executive, Modi is not in favour of giving such a nasty handle to Pakistani rulers. He will never force a situation that may see extermination of large part of humanity under the debris of senseless nuclear explosions. He is, however, fully resolved now to show Islamabad a bit of Indian strength, most probably by way of surprise air strikes against terrorist sanctuaries in PoK. As for its friend China, which has major stakes in PoK through which passes the $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, India has to be diplomatic and sufficiently understanding to the immediate economic needs of the dragon, which unfortunately never had time to think that PoK belonged to India and that it was against international norms to build any joint infrastructure with Pakistan in a disputed region. Even today, China doesn't see the Pakistanis involved in the Uri attack.


Pakistan is globally branded as a terrorist state and it is through its large jihadi network, with international connections, that Pakistan regularly causes mayhem and disruption in India. And these killer groups, on the payroll of Pakistan, form a veritable army of their own, one that has become a source of strength to this rogue state. Do we recall how atrociously our soldiers were killed on the border immediately after Hafiz Saeed visited the LoC ? Not that these terrorists don't kill people in Pakistan, Afghanistan or elsewhere as well, but their main enemy is India. So, when it comes to fighting Pakistan, why can't we create a matching army of non-state actors who can give it tit-for-tat ? It's time to revive our covert action capability. A former Indian General believes that this strategy alone will work with this jihadi state. However, he feels there is no case for India to go for a Gaza-like military operation that Israel launched in the Hamas-ruled Strip in 2014, though Pakistan at this point deserves a strong dose of retaliation. 




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