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Deo Krishna Vyas


Remembering Deo Krishna Vyas

Members of the Delhi Union of Journalists proudly remembered Deo Krishna Vyas, veteran journalist, freedom fighter, trade unionist and so much more at a meeting held at the DUJ office on Thursday, Sept 29.  Many of his former colleagues at the Dainik Hindustan and other fondly recalled Vyasji who was known for his professional competence, political beliefs and simple, austere lifestyle.

Among those who addressed the meeting were BP Dobhal , PK Upadhyay, Suresh Bafna, Dharmendra Pal Singh , Mahesh Darpan, SP Bansal, Dinesh Tiwari, Som Dutta Sharma (AILU),and the DUJ President SK Pande and General Secretary Sujata Madhok. Vyasji’s son Mukul Vyas and grandson Nikhil Vyas, who have continued the family tradition of journalism, were also present.

Vyasji’s disciplined lifestyle, his friends said, had enabled him to live a full, healthy life before he passed away in September 2016 at the age of 88. A socialist who admired Lohia and Jayaprakash Narayan, he became active in politics in his native Ratlam at an early age. Determined to work with ordinary Indians, he organized trade unions of rickshaws pullers and bullock cart drivers, besides supporting the struggles of peasants and tribals. Journalism was for him a tool to work for the country’s independence. In the post Independence years he used his pen to give voice to the average Indian’s needs.

When he moved to Delhi and joined the hindi daily Hindustan he also wrote in English for other publications. It was difficult to promote the people’s cause in a daily owned by an industrialist but he did not give up his ideals, several speakers pointed out. The metropolis did not change Deo Krishna Vyas. He was not tempted by career advancement or money. He wore his khadi kurta pyjama lifelong, even the ‘jhola’ (cloth bag) he slung on his shoulder was made of khadi. Several of his juniors recalled that he was humble and polite in his dealings with them, unlike the arrogance of many seniors today.  

Vyasji joined the Delhi Union of Journalists and worked assiduously to bring journalists together, both through the union and a housing cooperative society of the DUJ. His work and that of fellow journalists flowered into the Gulmohar Park Cooperative Housing Society in Delhi.  Post-retirement he spent many years writing for the daily Nav Jyoti, commenting on politics, economics, foreign policy and other subjects. In later years he practiced Yoga and Adhyatma and committedly worked to better the life of his fellow journalists. He will be remembered for his life of exceptional service to his fellow beings.   


(S K Pande)                                                                                         (Sujata Madhok)

President                                                                                            General Secretary

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