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Editorial by Satya Pal Singh-Feb 7-2016-US behind Pak


Satya Pal Singh. Editorial.II.VII.XVI 

US Behind Pak's Gore!

Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld By Satya Pal Singh


US-Pak flags- strange bed fellows

Terror mastermind Hafiz Sayeed-fnbworld

Now that internationally designated terrorist Hafiz Saeed of Jamaat-ud-Dawah threatens to shed blood endlessly on the Indian soil and Pakistan authorities shamelessly bless his lust for gore, adamantly refusing to restrain him, it is clear the rogue state is not interested in pursuing peace with India through dialogue. It's interesting to recall how in the wake of the Pathankot attack, Islamabad had falsely announced that Maulana Masood Azhar had been locked up and his terror outfit Jaish-e Muhammed's offices were being sealed all over Pakistan. After PM Narendra Modi walked an extra mile to demonstrate New Delhi's ardent desire for peace with the Islamic state, despite its persistent mischievous adventures, it appeared for a while that the peace process was on track and hopes emerged that the Pak authorities would go into remorse for all their cruel acts against humanity. That is why even the guileful Pak declaration of "firm action to eliminate terror" was greeted with spontaneous approbation from India. But if Premier Nawaz Sharif, the product of a lame democracy and a persona non grata in Pakistan's hierarchy, first promises and then falters, there is nothing to brood over, for only the Army-CIA writ runs there.


At this point, however, it may not be difficult to locate the tangible source of Pakistan's overflowing belligerence coming in quantum load, defying all the global rebukes. The source may be lying active anywhere far beyond the Beijing's fascination for Islamabad. If Pakistan draws most of its strength from a couple of Arab countries besides China, America, too, can't be left behind as a distantly placed important cog playing leverage in its overall scheme of things. All this comes easy as America apparently has high-stake geopolitical interest in Pakistan, especially after its troops leave Afghanistan, may be next year or a little later. If America does business with Pakistan, sells it a billion worth of weapons and keeps it in fine fettle, despite what it is doing to a friendly, democratic India, it’s because Washington needs Islamabad as much as it needs New Delhi as its favoured entity in the sub-continent. The only difference is that while India remains a documented friendly nation for the US, Pakistan enjoys privileges aplenty as a footnote friend, informally drawn into alliance incognito.


For consolidation of its superpower status, the US needs a lot of allies all around the globe, declared or undeclared, and won't let China have easy, unchecked access to all the sensitive areas spread across South-China sea, Indian Ocean to the Arabian Sea and beyond. China's strategic access to Pak-occupied Kashmir and the presence of $46 billion, 2442-km China-Pakistan Economic Corridor are already a source of unmitigated concern for the US. Here, the question is if President Obama can challenge Beijing’s claims to South China Sea by visiting a Philippine Navy warship in Manila, announcing that America will bolster maritime security in the region, why can't the US check Pak jihadis from going berserk on the Indian soil, especially when Americans know they themselves remain on the terrorists' targets ? India can't forget how callously the US had blocked the construction of a gas pipeline from Iran to energy-starved India through both Iranian and Pakistani spaces, just because this superpower wanted to punish Iran.


Here, one may easily understand why America's "tough warning" after the Pathankot attack failed to deter the Pakistani rogues from spewing venom against India. PM Modi is also feeling exasperated that Washington did not do its bit to restrain Pakistan even after he had promised Obama that India would not respond in war to Islamabad's persistent acts of provocation in the interest of regional peace. So, is the current US equation with Pakistan a little more jumbled and tricky than what Americans present it for worldview ? Possibly yes, it is ! Else, the likes of Sayeed and a dozen other notorious jihadis would not have been roaming free and ranting to vitiate the atmosphere before the anticipated dialogue could begin.


Everyone knows that eight American F-16s, that may be delivered to Pakistan sometime later, will ultimately be used against India and not against terrorists. However, presently the good news is that the US Congress has temporarily stymied the sale of these fighter jets. But the Obama administration is surprisingly trying to reverse this decision. It is interesting to note that a former Pakistani envoy has warned the US Congress that "such fighter jets would end up being used only against India." Describing the sale of new military hardware and the indications of a civil nuclear deal "as an appeasement policy towards Pakistani military," former Pak Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani has asked America to tell Pakistani leaders that "their ambition of rivalling India is akin to Belgium trying to rival France or Germany."


The former envoy expressed the fear that the US clearing "a nuclear deal, just like its decision a few months ago to sell almost USD 1 billion in US-made attack helicopters, missiles and other equipment to Pakistan, will fuel conflict in South Asia without fulfilling the objective of helping the country fight Islamist extremists or limit its nuclear arsenal." In a statement submitted ahead of a Congressional hearing on 'Civil Nuclear Cooperation with Pakistan’, Haqqani said : "Pakistan's failure to tackle its jihadist challenge is not the result of a lack of arms, but reflects an absence of will...Unless Pakistan changes its worldview and its compulsive competition with its much larger neighbour even in violation of international commitments, American weapons will end up being used to fight or menace India and perceived domestic enemies, instead of being deployed against jihadists." Even chief of the US panel on foreign affairs expressed his deep concern over Pakistan's failure to take "meaningful action against key Islamist terrorist groups operating within its territory.” Despite such fears, senior American officials confirm that the "US is selling eight F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan in order to bolster bilateral ties between the two countries."

 Pakistani army soldier-fnbworld

That monster, Osama Bin Laden, was created by America to serve its geopolitical interests. He was a product of the US spy agencies. The first American contact with Bin Laden came in 1979 when the graduate from Jedah University stumbled on the US Embassy in Ankara. With the help of CIA and the armed forces intelligence services, the youngster began organizing his network, raising money and recruiting young fighters for the Afghan Mujahidins that were fighting the Soviets. He operated from Pakistani city of Peshawar, bordering Afghanistan. That is how the elephantine Al Qaida terror network led by Bin Laden, came into existence, financed mainly by the production and sale of morphine. But when Bin Laden overgrew and rapaciously turned against his ‘creator’, Americans liquidated him. But by then, Bin Laden had pulled together a massive army of dreaded terrorists who today remain rank enemies of the Americans. He masterminded the 9/11 massive air attacks in the US that killed over 4,000 people. Four hijacked planes with suicide bombers hit key targets, including the World Trade Tower in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. It's much like the saga of controversial Sikh political revolutionary Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was created by Indira Gandhi into what he ultimately became, but in course of time, he fell out with her as a rebel, demanding a separate Sikh homeland. His killing in Operation Blue Star caused the assassination of the then PM, which led to 1984 anti-Sikh riots.


Given the clear US appeasement, there is nothing surprising if the Pakistani authorities, in particular its pro-extremist military and ISI purveyors, fallaciously believe that the growing environment of terrorism, visibly promoted through transgressive streaks of Islamic State, forcefully aided by local militant outfits spread all over the vulnerable region, would one day compel New Delhi into accepting even their illegitimate demands on Kashmir. Hafiz Saeed's Jaish-e-Muhammed and a dozen or so other jihadi groups keep feeding this idiotic thought into the Pakistani psyche. A senior journalist, who covered Pakistan for various media groups for two decades, tells me that Saeed has convinced the Pak military and Intelligence overlords that India would "never" hazard a full-scale war with nuclear-powered Pakistan, whatever be the latter's provocations. This perception has gained ground in Pakistan as a result of the inexplicably soft attitude adopted by India in the aftermath of Kargil conflict, even in the face of the highly provocative, repeated terror attacks on its soil.


The source of this idiotic thinking lies in the general perception that Pakistanis, steeped deep in extremism, never think rationally, are seldom concerned with humankind as responsible and progressive intellectual beings. They can sacrifice any number of their semi-literate youngsters at the altar of senseless jihad. That explains why hundreds of energetic, brain-washed Pak youths have been despatched in the recent past to kill innocent people in India, ultimately falling to the bullets of Indian forces. For those who draft them to play havoc on this tragic path, it hardly matters how many Pakistanis die in terrorist attacks. What matters for them is how many Indians are killed, for their brief is always to kill "maximum number of Indians in crowded places." They are also not bothered if all those killed are Muslims or even Kashmiri Muslims, the very people whose interests they claim to protect through jihadi operations. All this happens as the blood-thirsty masterminds of these perpetrators sit pretty in Pakistan, transmitting directions to "kill Indians indiscriminately."


Foreign Secretaries and National Security Advisers of the two countries are presently said to be in touch, waiting for a go-ahead for talks, but here the logic suggests that if India goes for talks with a soft stance as the officially appointed Pak terror-mongers continue to hurl abuses on India, will the dialogue produce any result? Islamabad's insistence that New Delhi must provide "more clinching evidence" of Pak involvement in the Pathankot siege, is another alibi to cleverly evade an issue of essential engagement, something it has done in the past after each attack. I wonder if any serious, meaningful dialogue is possible with these liars and tricksters. What a shame, they create tangles at a rate of knots!


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