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JOINTbyline Rashmi Oberoi and Ravi V. Chhabra-August 19-2015-Flirtatious


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Rashmi Oberoi/Ravi V.Chhabra



Social Media-fnbworld


The ‘marauders’ lurk in the cyberian jungle now ruled by entities both real and fictitious. There are no set rules for they quietly pan, scan, stealthily close in and strike just when all defences are down. There is no set time...there is no frame period for they are vastly experienced in the matters of ‘hunting’. In the ever-most dense jungle out there, the tangled thicket of “facebook (fb), twitter, Linkedin and not the typical wild forests that your minds may have mistakenly conjured up.


Social Media complaints-fnbworld


You might know, these special creatures growing by leaps and bounds in our friends list are loitering at every corner of fb and come in all shapes and sizes. Like cleverest hunters, they strive to ensure minimal collateral damage! Yes, they are very shrewd and equally adept at silently hunting down their prey. Let’s be clear – without an iota of gender bashing here - for the predator could be one among our friend’s list. They suddenly turn into a form of Emily Dickinson leaning towards times into a Shakespearean replica...maybe even into a ‘Sensitive Sally’ and the ever popular ‘Hunky Harry’. They are all there... scanning and scamming not to forget spamming in the inbox! Stay warned from now that Harry could be a Sally and vice versa... Yes, just tossing in more excitement to the stewing P‘L’OT!

The ‘ping’ on the phone or the beep on the laptop/desktop turns into an adrenalin ‘RUSH’...the ‘WORD PLAY’ weaves its magic and with the web of ‘flirtalicious’ delight spinning out of control, the bait is set and the prey lured into no more than an intricate trap. No harm in fun and light banter but when boundaries get crossed that’s where ‘Trouble’ awaits. 

Never knew the power of a ‘PP’ {Profile Picture} over a ‘CP’ {Comatose Person}. PP’s are known to set off an in-depth analysis of the said subject...expressions...what lies behind...the eyes that speak...even future propositions! And at times even very surreptitiously sharing phone numbers/email ids/and even asking for a tête-à-tête. Personally, for me the message in the ‘other’ folder only sets off uncontrollable laughter and amusement but I know some that take it all a tad too seriously and to another level. This is when I say, “Halt-Whosoever goes forward does so at a risk.”

Simple it is to get ‘tangled’ but not that easy to be ‘untangled.’ The thing is that while light humour, flirting, witty repartee and intelligent jibes are delightful...a heavy dose of prowling and panting is not. The idea here is not to frighten but to enlighten. Exploitation or preying on anyone for the purpose of gain is a sickness. The only way out is to be aware and keep the likes of such at an arm’s length. Beware the poachers, loudmouth and showoff types!

The fb stew gets thicker and smellier...we have the ‘fence sitters’ and the ‘silent watchers’ and the trolls who surreptitiously keep an eye on the goings on and then slipping up on how and what they are aware of...only reaching out when their inquisitiveness gets the better of them. Beware of the fakes...the ones who are nothing like they say they are or even doing what they claim to do...some even going to lengths of talking of fake occupations/work places and background! It’s getting dangerous out there... There are no rules...the survival of the fittest is the name of the game it seems. Do know how to make complaints against the fraudsters.

Amusing are the ones who have an opinion on anything and everything... it’s like they have a severe case of verbal diarrhoea with no remedy and appears as if fb (read social media –twitter et al) has given them a platform to spew forth venom and other such distasteful things. They overstep boundaries...personal space and feel that it is their right for not only their opinion to be voiced but also accepted. Mr/Ms ‘Know It All’ is but a pain in the patootie. So we have the ‘roodies’ who are no fun at all...There are most who confess they come by for passing time. While the diehard ‘foodies’ who are showcasing whatever they put on their dining plates! Only that they leave you with rumbling tummies and pangs of hunger.

Evil creeps up where fanaticism begins...the clannish ones...the groupies...the various religious brigades and cults and factions that do nothing to bridge the great fact they are by far the greatest contributors in making it all the more worse. There begins the downfall and the minorities clamber to survive and working hard to ensure a sense of orderly fashion prevails. The pitfalls are aplenty but at the same time the advantages are limitless.

The persistent winds of hate frustrating those that are trying to rake up the leaves of goodwill may be omnipresent but isn’t everything just a temporary phase? Of course, there are the paid ones who tow the political lines. None should grudge them for like conventional media –they have a right to make money by talent! One hopes, the place gets more constructive with meaningful social protests, forums, petitions and ingenuity of sorts only then will the country achieve cyber/social media democracy unlike the controlled print media.  


The inherent uniqueness, indeed lies in social media’s being two-way street. And remember, if there’s slightest suspicion of someone playing funny, seek the phone number or ask the person to come on skype...frauds happen in a myriad forms and you aren’t the smartest one to be able to evade the hoodwinker... for everyone else you wish to unwelcome, just punch and block! And, btw did you figure out which category from the above do you belong to?

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