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Jazz Utsav 2013


Imany Enthralls Delhiites


Delightful watching and recording Imany perform at

Nehru Park in Delhi in 2013


By Deepika Chhabra


In Swahili, Imany means "hope". Imany, originally from the Comoros Islands, when she abandoned her modeling career (Ford Agency), when she embraced her music career and moved to Paris. In Paris, she composed her first songs and soon made a name for herself, by performing the first parts of Angie Stone and Ben l'Oncle Soul’s concerts among others. Her performances at the famous Parisian jazz club The Sunset, delights soul lovers.

Recorded in the summer of 2010, The Shape of a Broken Heart, Imany’s first album transgresses the soul of Billie Holiday reinterpreted as folk, pop and soul.


Part of Bonjour India 2013

Discipline: Music

Cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad

Dates: March

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