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Juicy Global Burgers - By Ridhi Chhabra


Burgers Mahabharat!





Ridhi Chhabra-fnbworld  By Ridhi Chhabra


Come winters in India and fast food gets a real boost in sales countrywide. What people want is hygienic, hot, nutritious and fun food-on-the-go for self or family - sit-in joints or inside the automobile all are loved. Not to forget there’s the massive surge in orders for free home deliveries.

Burger King outlet in Connaught Place

With the international burger and fast food brands proliferating Indian markets, the consumers are all set to have delicious, lip-smacking burgers which are not heavy on the pocket and come with various discount schemes and attractive combos.


The latest entrant in the Indian burger landscape is Burger King, having recently opened an outlet in Connaught Place that provides an all together fresh concept with fresh variants in burgers and an opportunity to have a meal in a fast paced environment. The place was all packed and I was asked to place the order as quickly as I can, so I went through the menu faster than ever before as I decided to order a chicken whopper. 


Dunkin Donuts Burger-fnbworld

The billing was fast and we got our stuff quickly. The seating was congested yet comfortable with cushioned seats. The pricing is slightly on the higher side and the size of the burger is double as compared to the Mc Donald's burger. The really good thing about it was the size and the thickness of the chicken and meat patties. So my much awaited desire of visiting Burger King finally got fulfilled and more than satisfactorily in every way.

KFC chicken burger-fnbworld

McDonald’s - the oldest branded Indian chain of the American burger giant has improved its quality finally to meet high standards and it seems it is readying to give a tough competition to the slowly coming up burger companies. McDonald’s offers a wide range of burgers, wraps, sides and also has the happy meal(s)keep for the children.


The McPuff is a regular puff pastry with vegetable stuffing, while the Fish-O-Filet comes with thick fish filet and tartar sauce, the McSpicy Paneer gives the vegetarians' tastebuds a spicy yet crispy taste, the cute McEgg came in with a poached egg filling, Chicken Maharaja Mac comes with a double layer of chicken patties. These are simply must to try at McDonalds.

Big Mac burger-fnbworld


Fried-chicken chain KFC does not specialise when it comes to burgers; they offer a limited range of burgers to choose from viz. Veg Rockin’ and Paneer zinger burger for vegetarians and two similar options having the special fried chicken that lends a lingering taste that you can never forget. The staff is courteous and is adept at quick service.

Burger King-fnbworld

Dunkin Donuts, as the name suggests, is one of the top brands serving very fine donuts. The Naughty Lucy Burger is too good with a thick chicken patty filled with cheese, the classic mutton burger has a great taste and texture The Original Tough Guy burger comes with a spicy Mexican chorizo patty with a fiery mustard sauce. Heaven Can Wait Chicken Loaded with double patties of pepper chicken. Dunkin Donuts has the finest burgers amongst all fast food places that I tried so far and the prices are reasonable too (Rs.70-Rs. 200).

Kent's fast food-fnbworld


My all time favorite is the Kent's brand of fast food - a restaurant tucked away in a tiny corner in Defence Colony in south Delhi that's been around since three-decades or so. One of the oldest fast food eateries in Delhi, this place serves the best burgers in town. Their burgers come with a sealed pack of salted potato chips and the chicken burgers and chicken kebab cheese burgers are a must eat with an affordable range between Rs 70 to Rs 180. If you have a humongous appetite then go for the Chicken King Burger (includes a double chicken patty) and it surely goes very well with the special lemon and mint soda. People are happy to take away or stand outside and eat. Kent’s keeps both tummy and pocket happy. 

The international burger giants further poised to queue up in India promise several options; it is indeed hard to say which one will ultimately be the best burger brand but all of them must be tried at least once for the personal verdict! Will you not go the burger way?

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