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KARMICvoyage by AlkaTyagi. October 31. 2015.-Complete Detachment


Detachment From Fruit of Action


alka tyagi - karmic voyage-fnbworld

Bhola Man Jane, Amar Meri Kaya

Dhan re Joban Sapne si Maya, Baadal ki si Chaya

Innocent mind believes that my body is immortal…

Wealth, youth, dream-like illusion, shadows of a cloud






As we get settled in the practice of sitting silent and in that of sense-withdrawal, we move forward and observe our attitude to our actions. We pay close attention to our habitual behaviour along with the work that we take up in life. Often we are so engrossed in our little self that we are unable to see the complete picture of things that we do and the manner in which we should do those things without affecting the harmony which coexistence with other humans demands. 

Most often our desires and our expectations from life take a firm grip over our mind. We keep seeking our own sense- gratification - what we want to eat, what we want to wear, where and with whom we wish to move around. In our daily life most of our actions are directed by self-centered inner drives. We forget that our time here on earth is measured and that obsessive actions eat up a large chunk of our lifetime.

Very few of us realise that childhood is quickly gone, youth is ephemeral and mature age is a also brief period. By the time we come to our senses, most of us have already turned into a bundle of memories and ailments. 

In the present age, as a result of change in our circumstances, our life-style and value-systems have also changed. We know very well that these days we can share our joys with others but suffering - be it mental, physical or psychic, has to be borne alone. No one in any case can feel our pain with the same intensity. Our mental behaviour is  our own. Source of 99 percent of our suffering are our own mental attitudes. They harm us tremendously if they are negative and if we don't watch them. 

Therefore, we must take responsibility for our mental behaviour specially if we wish to keep  away from mental suffering. To do this we have to let go of attachment to the results of our actions. The expectations from our actions are actually ego-centric. Pride and ego are the biggest obstacles to peace of mind.

When we attach ourselves to our acts and expect specific results from them, we get access to a very limited field of action. We bracket ourselves in categories, hierarchies and classes. We get to live a particular type of life that we build-up along the lines of our gender, strength, money, class, social circles, friends and family. As a result we are not able to partake of a larger life which  is available to other gender, other classes, other economic strata, other geographical spaces than ours etc. If we seek a life of fulfilment , it becomes necessary that we break these boundaries not only for our physical health but also for our mental ,psychological and spiritual health.

Lord Krishna says: 

Yuktah Karma-phalam Tyaktva Shantim Apnoti Naishthikeem

Ayuktah Kaamkarena Phale Sakto Nibadhyate

                                             (Chapter 5, Verse 12)

[A detached performer of actions attains uninterrupted peace by not expecting specific fruits of  from his/her actions.

An obsessive performer of actions is caught up due to his/her expectations from the actions performed.]



Festival of lights, Deepawali is celebrated on the Amavasya of Kartik month. This year it falls on 11th of November. Deepawali is a deeply meaningful festival celebrated since ancient times of Rama and Buddha. Lord Rama reached the capital of his kingdom Ayodhya after conquering the devil Ravana and Buddha attained Nirvana on this day. We light lamps in and around our houses to welcome everything that is symbolised by the auspicious arrival of Rama and the transcendental enlightenment of Buddha. We also welcome the goddess of wealth, Mother Lakshmi to bless us with enough wealth and prosperity so that we never feel deprived at any level. 



May we take this opportunity on Deepawali to also welcome true wealth which is ‘Santosha’ i.e. contentment into our lives!

On left: Rangoli by Sanya Tyagi

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