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Kha Nom Klongkean Saku


Recipe by Chef Joy from Thailand


Kha Nom Klongkean Saku


Thai dessert-fnbworld



Chef Joy-fnbworld

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 5 mins

Ingredients for one portion

Sago 10g

Hot water 50 liter

Coconut milk 100 liter

Sugar 80g

Salt 5g

Pandan leaf 20g

Roasted white seasme seeds 5g

Lemon grass 10g



Take a bowl, add sago and salt along with a bit of hot water. Mix well, make small balls and set aside.


Take a pan, add coconut milk, hot water, Pandan leaf and sugar. Boil it until the flavour comes out and then add the sago balls. Boil for 30sec. Put it in a martini glass, garnish with lemon grass stick. Serve hot.

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