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Khaaja Chowk

Khaaja Chowk,

Simply bad

Anwesha Mittra


By Anwesha Mittra/fnbworld bureau


khaaja chowk


If Faridabad's upcoming malls were to be a gourmand's nightmare, enter this cheaply upholstered crimson and garish restaurant called Khaaja Chowk. Tasteless to the core in decor and ambience, it overwhelmingly succeeds in belittling the guests.

The green door to its entrance gives way and resembles the sleazy dens of Delhi. Not to talk about the many outdated collection of matchboxes and mascara displayed in the show windows inside the restaurant, adding to its bagatelle. The treatment meted out by the semi-articulate managers and bearers alike is appalling to the core.


Despite being requested to summon the manager time and again, it was conveyed by the young boy playing the assistant-to-the-manager,Ankur Tewari, that (he), the Manager (Tewari) was mindlessly busy on his mobile phone! So much for the hospitality by the manager himself.

The food couldn't have been more pathetic. Talk about the galouti kebabs that tasted of stale mashed beans, rather than the usual fresh minced mutton, to say the least. The korma curry was tolerable but could have been offered hot rather than cold. The best tasting 'dish' was pudina-chutney (mint sauce)! The last bit in the odd decor are the huge brass faucets being used for makeshift basins: The brainwave sans brain.

The fact is, this is a completely tasteless and trashy affair. One hopes the entrepreneur takes stock of the discourtesy being meted out to guests and the tasteless food as accompaniment.

Advice is: Stay clear of Khaaja Chowk and high time the mannerless manager got the marching orders!

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