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A true Master Chef’s Recipe


kulwinder singh chhatwal

Kulvinder Singh Chhatwal a.k.a Bawa hails from Chandigarh and one of his passions is creative cooking.  His love for it and its presentation started 15 years back and his forte' has since been oriental, continental, mediterranean and self-innovative healthy cuisines. Cooking for family and friends is what he calls bliss. His talent to actualize sumptuous dishes with whatever is available in the kitchen depicts his captivity and ability to create something new. His cooking is quick, healthy, flavorful and appetizing with his par-excellent presentation.

His Master Chef Journey from Chandigarh to Delhi and then Mumbai made him challenge his own skills, from mastering the art of bakery, to experimenting with different ingredients, their flavors, texture and aroma.  His culinary skills are depicted by his art of presentation, joy of service and his sense to satisfy the pallet. He comes with an assurance to provide you with delightful recipes that you wish to experience. He says assertively: "Kitchen is the only place, where I leave my worries behind."


Zuchini Fried Chicken in homemade sweet

chilly pineapple sauce


zuchini chicken in chilli pineapple sauce



1. Take chicken breast

About 500 gms and cut them into thin slices

2. For making batter of required quantity, take a bowl

& put required all-purpose flour, some cornflour, one

egg, salt & pepper.

3. Mix batter with chicken breast slices and keep it in

Fridge for 30 minutes

4. Heat oil in pan and deep fry chicken breast slices in

Low heat by pouring one by one and till they are golden


5. To make sauce, take a pan & add some oil to golden brown

Chopped garlic and onions

6. Put medium cut pieces of Zucchini and stir fry on the same pan till they are semi cooked, now add medium cut tomatoes & increase heat till some kind of puree starts converting.

7. Now add small cut pineapple  pieces, salt, pepper, some sugar, red chilly flakes, little coriander, light soya, vinegar and

Put little ajinamoto. (If u like, add little sesame oil)

8. When all things are mixed put a glass of water and bring to boil, now add sliced chicken pieces and let it soak in boiling gravy for 5 minutes & add some corn flour with water 9. Mix well cooked gravy and chicken pieces and take out from pan to serving dish.

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