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All photos by the author - for and on behalf of Right Impact Media Inc.



Bangalore is a hip city. It has everything for the purists and the rebellious. It looks old world-ish but it ranks very well with other places in being cosmopolitan and fun.

One of the oldest pubs in Bangalore is Pecos with a couple of its offshoots in the city. The one I visited is on Brigade Road, near M.G.Road - its main branch. Pecos is, to put it in three words, classic, cool and chill. Yes, all three rolled into one and if you want to add another word, for those who are economically conscious, it is affordable as well. This non-descript looking building, sandwiched into a by-lane of Brigade Road, can make you experience a world of its own as you climb up those lovely spiral staircase.


Breakfast at Pecos-fnbworld


The pub offers you dark, shadowy corners to hide for privacy and forget the world in cool, smoky ambience with classic rock in the background. Love it? Yes, and before you know it, that doubtful in you is lost in the charm and relaxed atmosphere that is Pecos. What better way of loosening your tired limbs and having a mouthful of that old elixir, beer than to luxuriate in the comforts of Pecos’ surrounded by wonderful and timeless posters of legends like Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd, Miles Davis and Jerry Garcia, Eagles and Def Leppard and Led Zeppelin to keep you company? 


To top it all the superb audio-surround music system that brings out the classic rock-guitar strains so well, that it resonates and bounces against the walls, drowning out your angst and stress and glides one to a different world. The patrons of Pecos seem to range from the very young and hep crowd to the loyalists from a different era ever since Pecos was founded and this is a testimony to Pecos’ magnetism and popularity. 


fine beer and tacos-fnbworld

The cult popularity of Pecos’ from the golden lips of actor-advertisor Abhijit Ganguly, who has been associated with it since its beginning: It is a result of its dedicated clientele, whose passion for cult rock made it what it is today.




Originally, Pecos started out as a taco joint, then morphed into a pub, with undying loyalty to the cult bands Grateful Dead and Jethro Tull.


There are a lot of cult stories associated with this pub and Obhi as (Abhijit likes to be called) attributes its rise to two key personas  Vinod D’sa (creative director) who helped out with cooking on special days and Appu who was responsible for collecting the fabulous underground music of the pub. Pecos is open from10 30 am to 1130 pm and offers fine dining and serves alcohol. It opened in 1989 as a Mexican joint and offers both roof-top eatery with interior seating. Pecos was started by Collin Timms and it belongs to the Pecos Hotels and Pubs Private Limited with the three Timms as its directors.The restaurant can seat a few groups on its roof top level and around 15 at its lower levels.

jyothi menon-waiting for food-fnbworld

The fnbworld spoke with a few regulars at this pub since their college days – owing allegience to its cool ambience and the terrific cult music. Satyam says it is a place to de-stress and hang out with great music and reasonably priced beer. Indeed, beer outsells all other beverages here and costs Rs 60 that makes it one of the chief attractions. The food is equally good, quite spicy with a lot of Kerala-style cuisine. The spicy beef fry I had turned out to be incredibly luscious and gloriously hot! Pecos also serves western and southern style breakfast. The place is easy on pocket with average range of dishes priced between Rs 170 to Rs 300. So if you want to experience ever-lasting music and great yet moderately priced food, Pecos’ makes sense.

creme n crust-fnbworldIn contrast to the rebellious and rock and heavy-metal beer-lovers’ Pecos is the breakfast cafe Creme and Crust in the posh area of Indiranagar. Easy to overlook, this snug and cozy outlet is affiliated with the prominent Peacock restaurant at Indiranagar’s 100 ft wide road. This place will appeal to those who are passionate about their western and continental style breakfasts. The earthy zen-based decor with cane furniture, fountains and cool music adds to a relaxed atmosphere. The cafe attracts trendy, young couples and friends as well as the well-off families.


If you want to enjoy a long, luxurious weekend breakfast over chat and conversation, then this is the right place for you. There are different breakfasts including western, Spanish, continental and the desi, traditional north-Indian style breakfast including paranthas and lassis. You can choose to have the set breakfasts which are quite filling and served in an appetizing manner. 


fine ambience-fnbworld

I tried the All American breakfast that included just the right amount of tasty herbed mushrooms, baked beans, sausages and omelettes. It was complemented with a neat bread basket, fruit juice and a choice of tea and coffee. All for Rs 400 (excludes taxes). You can also try the pasta, spaghetti, steaks, desserts and the myriad beverages. What I enjoyed best was the relaxed any time breakfasting for as long as I wanted to. Café Creme and Crust serves from 8.30 in the morning to 11.00 at night and it has both outdoor and indoor seating. An average three-course meal costs Rs 800 (approx) for two and an average 30 people are served. The restro is managed by the Peacock restaurant, a prominent restaurant in Indiranagar.

I found the staff courteous and they were prompt and polite in bringing and serving the dishes. The cafe has a fine western breakfast in its menu at a reasonable price as compared to the pricey restaurants and hotels in the vicinity. This one exudes a warm and eclectic environment. If one is in the mood for good quality food in a relaxed ambience Creme n Crust makes sense. 

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