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So, whats the secret of Kareena's Size Zero? Don't lose your mind, lose your weight, ensures that you fall in love with food (in case you haven't, already!) and yet the book helps maintain healthy weight. It breaks the misconceptions that most people nurture.

If you happen to be an admirer of Bollywood sex symbol Kareena Kapoor's curvatured figure, then you must know the little secret for it. Rujuta Diwekar, a reknowned diet consultant and personal fitness trainer for many tinseltown stalwarts is behind Kareena Kapoor's physical perfection. One of the common practices followed blindly in urban India is the much-hyped weight-loss programme.

The fact remains that reducing weight is not difficult; falling sick can also help you attain that! But is it the correct way? Reducing weight in an effective or rather healthy manner is what the book teaches. If your family cribs about your unending crash diets, they would, perhaps, love you for following the one prescribed in the book - to the extent of helping you in actually practicing it.

A lot of never-before-heard facts grab your attention. To begin with, Rujuta asserts being on a diet is not starvation, it is mitahar (eating that leads you to a sweet feeling). One diet doesn't befit all and a diet should never be followed beyond a period of time.


Eating small meals after every two hours helps us burn calories as everything that one eats at the right time and in the right quantity is good for the body. When it comes to food, one must think of nutrients and not calories. Some fine advice in the book: One can digest most amount of food between 7 and 10 in the morning and it's better to have a paneer parantha than a pizza. And remember to never start the day with tea or coffee.

Well, how about eating fat to lose flab? Fat is perhaps the only nutrient that helps us survive through the toughest phases in life. In fact, the facial wrinkles are invariably due to the fat loss from the face! How often do you pick up and munch on the packet of fat-free snacks? The answer is: Indeed, most of the times. Truth is that the so-called fat-free snack is actually guaranteed junk food coated with misinformation in our minds. The paperback "Don't lose your mind, lose your weight" by Rujuta Diwekar is published by Random House; 2009; pages 279 and is priced at Rs 199.

The book convinces us to go for healthy living and healthy thinking. Visible on most book shelves, it is a must buy for those who believe in eating food for good health as much as it is for the figure 10 craving freaks! The author and the publishers deserve a pat for breaking the myths about  dieting and showcasing the reality.

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