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Looking Good By Jasmine Kaur



                                            Jasmine Kaur-fnbworld By Jasmine Kaur  




Christmas Party Makeup


Makeup has always been considered as an art-in-art that beautifies the human face. Through this book, Linda Meredith, who is a well-known personality of the beauty world, tries to bring forth a differing yet fascinating view regarding makeup. Her hands-on experience in this field has given her the courage to confound this opinion. She has been in the business for over forty years and her clients list comprises Queen, Madonna and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Now you may have become inquisitive to know what this lady has found. She states a relation between science and makeup! Apart from the aesthetic sense, the scientific factors also play a crucial role in this art. This book revolves around the sensitivity of our skin and the way makeup compliments it. Not everyone possesses the skill or ability that is needed to make the best use of the makeup kit. All cannot play well with the cosmetic tools. Just like a magician’s spell works due to his belief and understanding in his art, similarly having interest and faith can enable a person to dwell into the magic of makeup.


Madonna-fnbworldInitially, she talks about the various cosmetics and their textures like foundation, face powder, tinted gels and moisturizers etc. In the next few chapters, we come across several “tools of trade”, as mentioned in the book, which includes a range of brushes used for different purposes, sponge tipped applicator, powder puff etc. To an amateur, these names may sound unfamiliar. But the way the author has organized and compiled it is commendable. Not only has she given a detailed account of the equipment necessary for makeup, she has also provided us with some extremely useful tips which give a personalized touch to it. This collection is crammed with colorful and vibrant pictures throughout.

makeup and men-fnbworld


There are makeup tips, hair how-tos and step-by-step skincare regimens to be found, but its full color 80s photo explosion is the reason why you should add this to your vintage fashion and beauty library. “Makeup harms the skin”. This is the typical notion that most women hold. But this book stands as an eye-opener. As it is very well said “too much of anything is bad”, the same applies to makeup as well. As we read on, we gain knowledge about the preparation of the skin before applying makeup. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are some of the basic steps which most of us are aware of. But as we all know that everyone’s skin is not the same, so Linda has given extra steps for different skin types ranging from oily to dry skin. Her simple language makes it even more attractive.

Camilla Parker Bowles-fnbworldMany a time people tend to get perplexed about which kind of makeup would be suitable for a normal day at office, a party or any other social gathering. Now, you don’t need to worry about that. This piece of art contains separate sections for day makeup, fashion makeup etc. and that too, according to different skin tones. Earlier, people were not greatly concerned about their skin health and applied almost anything that came in the market without assessing its effects on their skin. Today, women have become more conscious about this matter, be it a model or actress of the fashion industry, a working woman or a simple homemaker. As the time passes from dawn to dusk, several changes take place in the weather affecting our skin in varying degrees. Thus, Meredith apprises us with the diverse makeup techniques to be used during daylight, evening and at night. The first stage involves examining ones skin problems. For instance, women with oily skin should apply liquid foundation and loose powder so that the oil doesn’t appear on the surface of the skin overpowering the makeup.


This book’s uniqueness arises from the fact that it not only deals with the visage as a whole but also focuses on the various parts like eyes, eyebrows, lips etc. Linda’s idea of makeup was basically to enhance each woman’s face as an individual one. She was certain about the fact that makeup had the power to give originality to one’s appearance, thus arousing self-confidence in them. At the end of this book, we notice some questions and answers which are the queries of common women. This creative work is one of a kind as it rejuvenates us and we realize that imperfections can be beautiful, that blemishes and flaws are the reasons behind a person’s real or natural look.


Linda Mederith-fnbworldMake-up Magic by Linda Meredith (ISBN: 9781855011977) from Amazon's Book Store. Free UK delivery on eligible orders. To know more abut her or to seek an appointment visit her website:                                                                                                                       

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