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Love is Cakes

Love is..Cakes



Couture cakes for all seasons


By Ridhi Chhabra


baked for Lacostelove is...snoopy dog cake


Imagine a cake done as a company logo, made like the latest model of Ferrari or the iconic Charlie Chaplin or even Amitabh Bachan? Whatever you love is done to perfection with the best ingredients at this finest bakehouse of home-made couture cakes! 

The mother and daughter were certainly not meant to churn out ordinary cakes and their experiments with ‘couture’ cakes go back three decades. Love is…Cakes was born in May 2013 and is a story of passion that Vinita Mehta (an Army officer’s wife) and her daughter Nandita (ex-journalist) wanted to carve out. Their oven-craft spells a perfect bond between specially designed good-looking cakes and delicious-tasting cakes.

Fine cars shaped cakes

“You see we're selfish, we always wanted both and realised that maybe there are others who want the same too. Our specialty is customized cakes and cupcakes both in fondant and butter-cream, gourmet desserts, customized chocolates. We lay a lot of emphasis on big flavours and a taste that screams home-baked not industrial”, says Nandita with a broad smile.

As a housewife, Vinita Mehta would whip up cakes in the form of castles, dragons and trains, at a time when shaped-cakes were the least in vogue; in small towns where achieving this aim was nearly impossible. For 30 years, delicious food has been her forte, but she never thought of it as a career, believing it was just another thing she did well.


An assorted cupcakes box

While her charming daughter Nandita Mehta is the co-owner and junior chef. After 5 years in journalism and having covering everything from good cinema to bad cinema, good music to terrible music, jaw-dropping food to jaw-clenching food, she wanted something to be closest to cakes and cookies!. She found the answer in the kitchen of her own home. At 50 and 28 this is Vinita and Nandita's first business venture. We're waiting for the day when someone asks the pertinent question, 'Love is...?' and someone answers 'Cakes', say the connoisseurs.

Vinita Mehta, the brainchild behind Love is..Cakes

Fnbworld’s Ridhi Chhabra spoke with co-owner Love is..Cakes Nandita Mehta:


Nandita Mehta, owner Love is..cakes Ridhi Chhabra

Nandita Mehta (L) and Ridhi Chhabra


Fnbworld:  Any formal training in baking/cooking by the owners?

Nandita: Yes. Vinita Mehta has completed a certified intensive baking course from the Cake and Culinary Decorating School in Okhla, New Delhi

Fnbworld:  Where are the raw materials outsourced from?

Nandita: All our raw materials are outsourced and are bought directly from wholesalers of the various ingredients. 

Fnbworld:  Do you take orders online? How do the deliveries happen?


Nandita: Yes we take online orders both on email and on facebook. If the client opts for a delivery then the product is delivered on an extra charge that is if the order is lesser than 5-kilos. For any order over 5-kilos the delivery is free. 

Fnbworld:  How much bulk orders (quantify) can you take for cakes and chocolates?

Nandita: We've undertaken and successfully completed 40-50 orders in a single day. Each order comprised of several cupcakes, chocolates besides cakes. We could have undertaken many more. At the end of the day, it's all about the preparation. If the client places an order well in time, it multiplies the number of products we can churn out in a single day, because we're that much well prepared.

Fnbworld:  Do you make special cakes like low-cal and the eggless etc?

Nandita: Yes, we do make eggless cakes, low-cal cakes and cakes with sugar-free icing. 

Fnbworld:  What are the expansion plans?

Nandita: Do we want to have our own little store someday? Sure. But more than that we want to expand our business model only to the extent where quality doesn't lose out to quantity...then the whole idea of Love is..Cakes (bridging the gap between good-looking cakes and yum-tasting cakes) would be defeated. We want our brand to always stand for great, home-made, super-fresh desserts.

Fnbworld: For the festive season, do you have specially designed cupcakes?

Nandita: Our assorted gift pack is a hot sell among our clients. Here's a sample of the goodies we pack in it - Red Velvet cupcake with cream-cheese icing, Banana Caramel cupcake with a Choco-Fudge frosting, Chocochip cupcake with a choco-fudge topping, Lemon-Vanilla sponge with a lemon buttercream and a blueberry glaze and tangy Raspberry Cheesecake. 


The orders can be placed at: 099710 77599 or email at

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