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Master Yoga-Badari Narayan interview by ravi v chhabra


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Interview/Badari Narayan

By Ravi V. Chhabra


Badari Narayan opposite Buddha-fnbworld


Vishnuvardhana (r.1108–1152 CE) was a king of the Hoysala Empire in what is today the modern state of Karnataka, India. He ascended the Hoysala throne after the death of his elder brother Veera Ballala I in c.1108. Originally a follower of Jainism and known as Bitti Deva, he came under the influence of the Hindu philosopher Ramanujacharya, converted to Hindu Vaishnavism and took the name Vishnuvardhana". Vishnuvardhana took the first steps in creating an independent Hoysala Empire in South India through a series of battles against his overlord, the Western Chalukya King Vikramaditya VI, and the Chola Empire to the south.

Vishnuvardhana was a great builder. To celebrate his success against the Cholas, he build the spectacular Veeranarayana temple at Belur (also called the Chennakesava Temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu). Around the same time, the Hoysaleswara Temple, more ornate than the one at Belur and dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva was consecrated at Halebeedu, The temples of Belur and Halebidu are a proposed UNESCO world heritage sites With in the Chennakesava temple complex at Somanathpura near mysuru is the smaller yet ornate Kappe Chennigaraya temple built by Vishnuvardhana's noted queen Shantaladevi.

My King of Yogasanas - Shirsasana i have covered all the four Architectural Wonders - the Wonder he build at Shravanabelagola - Worlds Highest Monolithic statue without any support Bahubali monolithic Statue, Chennakesava Temple at Belur, Shiva Temple at Halebeedu, and the last one at Somanathpur Chennakesava Temple.


A King of Asana Salutation as a  Tribute to a Great King



Fnbworld: What’s your full name and give us a brief about your family?

My complete name is KAGGADASA SRINIVASAN BADARINARAYAN and my FATHER’S NAME is KAGGADASA DORAISWAMY SRINIVASAN. My mother's name is CHAKRAVARTHI RAJA IYENGAR BHARATHI. I was born on 27th April 1973 in the beautiful womb of an iron-willed woman: Chakravarthy Raja Iyengar Bharathi, who has the ancestral blood of First Governor of Free India: Chakravarthy Raja Gopala Chary.

 Badari Narayan's father-fnbworld

My father K.D.SRINIVASAN was a self-trained body-builder and was awarded by the then Chief Minister in 1960.

Badari Narayan-fnbworld

Flowering of Badari Narayan-fnbworld

Badari roadie-fnbworld




Fnbworld: Are there some accomplishments you’d wish

to recall for us?

I grew up in a family of Chaste SRIVAISHNAVA IYENGARS. I am a self-made person being an accomplished:

1. Swimming Champion under guidance of International repute coach Mr. Mohite.

2. Boxing Champion having represented Sports Authority of India in Federation Cup.

3. Yoga Trainer.

4. Multi Skilled IT professional having worked in Sultanate of Oman (Toyota Motors), Malaysia (AIROD-Aviation Company), Mysore (Teresian College) to name a few.

Fnbworld: When did you start practicing yoga and who inspired you?

Badari: I started practicing YOGA – Especially “THE KING OF ASANAS – SIRSASANA “at the age of 20, wherein I had a special liking towards SIRSASANA having read the experiences of Swami Sivananda whose book changed my Life. 

Fnbworld: What are the benefits of this special yoga?

Badari at the gate-fnbworld

Badari: According to Swami Sivananda whose favorite asana was SIRSASAN through which one can achieve perfect health by practicing it.

The Headstand or Sirsasanais referred to as the ‘king of the asanas’ and hence is one of the most powerful asanas for the mind and body. Mastering a headstand can be intimidating but if you could let go of your fears and believe that you can do it, you’ll probably one day just get into it with ease. 

You can find the inner happiness you seek, because as what you see of the outer world is a formation of a Image inside your eyes on the cornea, if the whole world is  a image inside you, then you can see the whole world happy, if you start creating happiness inside You", Om Tatsat !!

Locomotive Badari Narayan-fnbworld

Monumental act by Badari Narayan-fnbworld

Fnbworld: What are its physical benefits?

The Headstand brings oxygen rich blood to the heart and the circulatory system and gives the heart a rest since it has to always work against gravity to bring blood to the heart.

It slows down respiration and the heartbeat, therefore making the respiratory and the circulatory system strong.

The brain, spinal cord and sympathetic nervous system are supplied with an increased flow of blood rich nutrients. Inverting the body enhances deep breathing, and brings oxygen rich blood to the brain.

Fnbworld : Any mental benefits?

Badari: Practicing the Headstand regularly will lead to increased memory, improved concentration and improved sensory faculties (eyesight, hearing). The mind will be calmed with increased control of ones emotions and self-confidence will improve and you will have more empathy for others.

Fnbworld: Are there any special precautions to be observed

whileBadari by poolside-fnbworld doing the Headstand?

Badari: Do not practice this pose if you have either had a back or neck injury, suffer from headaches, have high blood pressure or low blood pressure or have an existing heart condition.This pose should not be performed while menstruating.It is not advisable to practice this pose while pregnant, unless you are familiar and quite experienced in doing this pose, before pregnancy.

Badari and trees-fnbworld

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