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Maxims Pastry Shop by Ravi V. Chhabra



Savoring Maximum Festive Delights

By Ravi V.Chhabra


maxims pastry shop

With X-Mas and New Year celebrations, the delicacies that are a must are bakers’ delights and one can’t afford to miss out on the myriad pastry and delicatessen dotting the cityscape. This one that I visited recently, after almost two years, is tucked away pleasantly in the food market in Kailash Colony of south Delhi and has been there for over three-decades in all! Maxims is the pastry shop with a difference and party cakes and pastries are indeed its mainstay.


Maxims at Kailash Colony, New Delhi

Maxims is unique as it not only offers a mix of cakes, pastries, patties, sandwiches and rolls – that is the mainstay of any good pastry shop, but also offers a variety of breads, donuts, kebabs, soft drinks, juices, chocolates (Indian, hand-made and foreign) with some good vegetarian and non-vegetarian salads for the health and calorie conscious. Of course, the cakes are made-to-order for all occasions – be it a birthday party or a marriage anniversary – with just a day’s advance order that can be placed – over the phone on special request. 

Maxims bakes special X-Mas and New Year cakes and other delicacies for various occasions. The better part is that the eatery also has reasonable seating for 24 persons and enough standing room for another half-a-dozen, so one doesn’t have to pick-up and move to eat in the car each time or have the delicacies packed just for home. It’s self-service is efficient and the ambience is pleasant and foodstuffs highly organized so as to be appealing at the first glance.

The repertoire is awesomely handsome and includes some of my favourite pastries such as the one with a pineapple topping, the good old chocolate flakes, strawberry sauce mousse, lemon tarts, walnut pies and what have you. The snacks section is elaborate and rich with a range that most other pastry shops in the city completely miss and this includes mouth-watering famous mutton shammi kebabs at just Rs 50 a piece, that are amazingly rich, juicy and filling and such fine mutton patties that simply melt in the mouth as do the mushroom patties and chicken patties.

The snacks menu comprises sandwiches/toasts, patties, cutlets, burgers, pizzas, kebabs, rolls, kathi rolls, hot dogs, footlongs, lasagne, pasta and scoon/quiche. While the fresh shakes include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, badam-elaichi, black current and kesar pista flavours. You will also find lemon ice tea, aam panna, browne ice-cream Sunday and fruit ice-cream Sunday. In the hot beverages section are tea, coffee and hot chocolate.


The pastries are in abundant variety with a price range of Rs 45 to Rs 65 per piece, the black forest, chocolate truffle and the pineapple ones being the hot sellers on regular days as well as on special occasions. A good snacky meal for two could cost anything between Rs 500 to Rs 700. Maxims is indeed a one-stop shop for all those who like a quick bite and for those who like to sit in some privacy and enjoy the oven-fresh delicacies especially in the winters.

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