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Mutton Chops




Kiran Sabharwal  By Kiran Sabharwal




Brown rice and mutton chope-fnbworld


Mutton chops- fnbworld

Needed 1 kilo tender mutton chops. To be washed under running water.

1 cup hung curd and add salt, red chilli, coriander powder, garam masala, meat masala and garlic paste and juice of one lemon (according to taste). Marinate mutton chops in it and keep at least for two hours in the fridge.


Put the cooker on the flame, add two big spoons of saturated butter in it (until it melts), now add the marinated chops in it and stir it till it turns brownish. After 5 minutes put the lid on the cooker and wait for 4 to 5 whistles. After the cooker pressure’s steam gets released just open the lid of the cooker and add a spoon of desi ghee in it and again put it on flame for 5 minutes till the gravy gets a little thick. Serve hot with dry chapatis (Indian breads).

This dish is easy to cook and very delicious (despite not using onion and tomatoes). If you want to serve it as a snack with drinks then put it on the flame for some more time till the thickish gravy dries up completely.



1 One and a half glass rice

2.Four to five finely chopped onions

Take a karahi/wok or a rice-cooker and put it on flame by putting oil in it(adequate oil required). Put finely chopped onions in it. Stir in between till the same gets dark brown in color. Put some water in it and then add salt, red chilly powder and garam masala in it (let it be on higher side). When the onions turn dark brown colour add rice in it along with adequate water. After the water gets absorbed, the delicious and aromatic basmati brown rice is ready. Now add mutton chops in it. The dish is awesome in taste and you would love to repeat it soon!

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