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NOadditives by Deepika Chhabra - Beautiful village life


My beautiful village life



noadditives deepika chhabra-fnbworld

Since last decade I have been a village woman and quite the metropolitan one! For all these years, I drove to the office passing by some well known ruins of Siri Fort in South Delhi that can be contrasted lately with shopping malls, the Asiad village, fancy cigarette kiosks and bungalows of the wealthy and the famous such as Media person Rajdeep Sardesai in the approach road to my office in Shahpur Jat.  


All photos by the author: Copyright Right Impact Media Inc.

Street art-shahpur Jat-fnbworld


#Shahpur Jat, where I work is an old village surrounded by the rock wall of #Siri Fort’s ruins that has liberal foliage with many small parks and occasional cattle roaming and perching freely. There was never enough parking space and thankfully so as it gave me and my colleagues good reason to walk half a mile to office and back in the evenings. The cars still squeeze in everywhere but I am more inspired than before to 'walk & talk' with my colleagues.

Fine brush stokes by international artists-fnbworld

This year has been different for the residents of this village starting in the month of January till the entire month of February. Many international artists from different backgrounds and art styles recently took part in the street art form and gave a makeover to the otherwise drab and morose looking place. Some of the artists that have been a part of this unique project for the village are #Tona, #ALIAS and #Tofu from Germany, #ANO from Taiwan, #Alina Vergnano and #Mattia Lullini from Italy, #Harsh Raman and #Yantr from Delhi and #Ranjit Dahiya from Mumbai with some help from village folk. The street art festival is on even in other locations such as #Hauz Khas Village, Malviya Nagar and Khirki Extension.

Art in tears-fnbworld

Shahpur Jat residents happily lent the walls of their houses for artists as canvas for mural drawings, paintings, stencil and posters making their neighbourhood look colourful and cheerful especially so as their once abandoned wall paint was getting an all new paint job for free! By giving each village house an identity of its own, they feel the area is getting more prominent just like the famous, happening Hauz Khas village nearby.


The ‘not-so-old’ eateries and shops have added to the essence of the place. Places like #Chowk Café and #Soul Kitchen are frequented by foreigners during the day where one can grab a sandwich or a pastry for Rs. 150 each. At #Rebecca’s you can order a designer cake at Rs. 1200 per kilo. For designer jams, preserves and marmalades The #Gourmet Jar is a small shop tucked away in the DDA flats, Rangoli Square where special care is taken to get you the confiture bursting with flavours of only fresh fruit and minimum sugar. #Prashant Arora of #Serve In Style shares with fnbworld that the area has developed in a big way ever since last October when he moved in here. 

Good delicatessen shops around-fnbworld

Of late, the place is bustling with services and organisations - #Kamalini, #Knowledge Must, #Photowala Studio, #The Atre Yoga Studio; #Fashion labels like designer duo #Rahul Anand and #Anushka Laul, #Sahiba Singh, #Ritesh Kumar; #Art, Home and #Lifestyle - #Anand Prakash, #FGL, #Les Parisiennes; and food joints like #Arte Café, #The Mad Teapot and #The Potbelly Rooftop Café.



Locals of the area, the #Jats and #Panwars, feel that the emergence of the boutiques, stores and restaurants in the area has led to the place get an identity just like the Hauz Khas. In the afternoon #Shahpur Jat flurries with workers from Bihar, Orissa and even Bangladesh who work for the designer fashion houses in the area. Once in a while you will find young girls and ladies working on a designer piece with sequence embroidery and glitters while basking in the winter sun in the parks.

Artistic house?

woman in

There are many agencies that cater to the portfolio needs for budding models and actors and you find many young boys and girls, Indians and foreigners moving around the area. I hope you liked the visual sneak into my very own new surreal workplace village. By the way, you can comment on my column right under this page!

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