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30th Annual General Meeting of NRAI

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Mr. Atul Singh


New Delhi, 25-sept, 2012: NRAI organized the 30th Annual General Meeting in Delhi. The meeting was chaired by Samir Kuckreja, President of the Association.

The President’s Annual Report highlighted the various activities that the association was involved with during the past year. Special highlights from the report were the various initiatives taken by the association for the profitable growth of the industry.

1) The India Food Service Report 2012 - The exclusive survey on the Indian Restaurant Industry is an earnest effort by the Association to document the trends, challenges, solutions, opportunities and innovations in the Indian Food Service Market. It was announced that the research was underway and the report should be released in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore in January/February 2013.

2) NRAI and Images Alliance- The association has entered into a formal alliance with the Images group to conduct the biggest show for restaurateurs - India Food Service Forum. The event will be conducted on 12th & 13th  December, 2012 in Mumbai  and will be India’s leading show for food service operators with Exhibition, Seminar, Awards and other related events.  

Mr. Arvind Singhal and Mr. Kochar at the NRAI cocktails and dinner party at Essex Farms

3) The association has also held ‘Round Table Discussions’ along with Images in Delhi and Mumbai at which a group of leading restaurateurs have brainstormed about the key challenges and their solutions for profitable growth in the Restaurant Industry.



4) Meeting the Human Resource Challenge: To meet the demand of the talent in the industry, the President announced that the association is planning to target hospitality educational institutions before the recruitment period to build a positive image and perspective about the Restaurant Industry and present the myriad of career opportunities that are available to students in the industry.

5) Existing and New Regional/City Chapters: The President declared that the Association is launching other regional chapters in major cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. These chapters will be catalyzed in strengthening the restaurant fraternity across the country. The President also discussed the developments that have taken place in the newly formed Mumbai and Gurgaon Chapters.

6) NRAI Seminars – details of successful seminars on Effective Restaurant Marketing and Food Safety Act that were held in the last year were given.  The seminars are strong platforms to share and learn best practices from both industry and domain experts.  The Association plans to hold 4 seminars a year in different cities.   


At the NRAI cocktails

7) Networking events: We have had a few events including the NRAI Cocktails in Delhi and Mumbai and a Wine Tasting Session in Delhi. The Association plans to hold regular networking events in various cities.

8) Advocacy by NRAI: The President shared updates on the advocacy work done with various local and central government departments including the Ministry of Surface Transport, Commissioner of Service Tax, South Delhi Municipal Corporation and Delhi Excise Department. Special mention was made of the success that the Association has achieved with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Details of the same are available on the Association’s website:

9) Support to Industry Events: The President mentioned that the Association supported many good quality industry events like Fine Food India, Franchise India’s India Restaurant Congress & CII’s International Hospitality Fair in Delhi and  RAI’s Food and Entertainment Summit in Mumbai.


The President warmly welcomed the Chief Guest of the evening Mr. Atul Singh, President & CEO of Coca-Cola India and South -West Asia.

Mr. Singh addressed the members on the ‘Trends in the Indian and International Restaurant Industry’.  There is a shift from occasion based to need based in the ‘eating out’ trend and India is yet to show a robust growth in this sector was the message given by the Chief Guest during the meeting. He shared some real time examples from both the Indian and international restaurant industry where inclusion of beverages and technology has helped the restaurateurs to boost their sales and margins. Insights on concepts of offering value to the customers; increasing footfalls during lean periods and opportunities to increase food and beverage sales were detailed by him.

Members appreciated the various programs that Coca-Cola India has undertaken to redefine sustainability and community engagement. The Chief Guest engaged actively with the members during the interactive question/ answer round after the session.


The meeting ended with a vote of thanks given by Kabir Advani, Secretary.


  About NRAI

The Association was founded in 1982 by the leading independent restaurateurs across India. Headquartered at Delhi, we represent Independent and Chain Restaurant Owners and Operators in India. Governed by Committee of members and led by a President and other office bearers.  The committee consists of 25 CEO / Restaurant Owners from across India representing all segments of the Restaurant Industry. The Association works closely with a network of State & City Chapter partners.

Our Core Values:

1. Advocacy and Representation: We represent issues that affect the restaurant industry and make sure our members' voices are heard. We promote changes in the laws governing the Indian Restaurant industry at Local, State and Centre levels. Litigate on relevant key areas.


2. Education & Networking: we provide opportunities to our members to learn from the industry experts at quarterly Training programs. Attend the events which provide insight on various topics including HR, Managing talent, Recruitment Challenges, Local Store Marketing, Social media Marketing, Loyalty programmes, Store Interiors & Designs, Store Operations, Licensing, Supply chain, and more. As a member of the Association you can connect with industry colleagues at State Chapter meetings.


3. Information and pool: NRAI publishes its quarterly newsletter NRAI Restaurateur and fortnightly e-mailer NRAI Restrotimes to provide latest news from the Industry and association.


4. Research and Insights: To help its members stay ahead, we conduct research and provide data and information to help business succeed. The Association initiated & published a first of its kind research ‘White paper on the Indian restaurant Industry 2010’ and is working on another such information on India Food Service Report 2012-13.


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