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Nature our laboratory by Sonalika Puri


Nature, our 'spiritual laboratory'

Sonalika Puri - fnbworld By Sonalika Puri



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The beauty of nature has been endowed upon us in its myriad facets by the almighty or for some due to a freak accident. It mesmerizes every human being. That’s why whenever you see beautiful scenery or a greenery field, your mind escapes to the surreal world. 

Our eyes search beyond the mountains, farther into the jungle with beautiful trees or extraordinary depths of the seas and the rocks deep inside, colourful shapes and aroma of wild flowers, agricultural forms, gardens, panoramic view of beaches, fully covered fogscape, drifty clouds in the sky, various seasons, unique birds and animals and these are incredible and can’t be explained in words. 

Manjunath Sulloli with the wild-fnbworld


Man is incapable to create such an enchanting, serene and beautiful environment. Unfortunately, we human beings have not been successful in shouldering the responsibility of maintaining its beauty and have corrupted and punished nature mercilessly. We need to understand that if the beauty of nature is gone, it is gone forever! The need of the hour is to sustain it and replenish it. 

Manjunath Sulloli, a reknowned environmentalist shared his journey of passion with He was born and grew up in the remorse villages Western Ghats and has always been awed by the beauty of nature and the things it has to offer for us human beings.  Being a biology student, he took up independent research, exploring new caves, studying various tribes and forest dwellers, their traditions and culture and has already explored most of the ancient historical monuments of Karnataka. Apart from this, he has also documented various valleys, rivers and hills of Western Ghats of Maharastra and Goa.

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Manjunath in the fields-fnbworld


On being asked what inspired him to take up this profession/hobby, he said - My Guru Mr Manohar Mangolker is someone who inspired me to become a naturalist. “Green is embodied in me since childhood!” Also, the natural living of the villagers always left me spellbound. How natural they are…

Manjunath further shed light upon his journey and said that his journey has been a great one and he has been fortunate enough to having not faced any difficulties in following his passion as of now. Although he is a complete nature lover and devotes all his free time to it, he loves to observe human behavior and tendency of people living in the remorse villages and cities.

A few years back, he rediscovered the entire Chalukyan land, which is known to be the largest temple construction movement of Hindu civilization. He is also engrossed in cosmic energies and panchabhootas and keeps studying them time to time.

Even though he does not take part in environment movements, he supports the various causes regarding environment and has also visited various well-known universities and colleges to speak to the students about theenvironment and nature.

About his perception of the modern society, Manjunath firmly believes that the modern society was very distracted and preoccupied with other unimportant things and at the same time extremely materialistic. They usually turn a deaf ear towards environmental problems and concerns. Eco-tourism and nature study has become the part of business rather than education and its proliferation.  Their contribution towards the environment is either very little or nothing at all. Even the sanctuaries and national parks are mostly accessible to the wealthy for a fee and the common and poor are left out.

Recently, New Delhi was stated as the ‘most polluted city in the world’ after smog enveloped the city right after the festival of Diwali. Sharing his views about the rise of air pollution in the city post-Diwali, he feels that it is high time people start taking corrective action. “If Delhi is a centre of top brains, then certainly it has failed to have serene clean atmosphere and implement stringent laws. Let Delhi’s colleges and teachers show way for a change. I pity on Delhi’s pollution”, he said.

He also talked about his undying love for animals and birds and explained how animals are completely different from us human beings. They are loving, caring and not at all greedy. On every journey he embarks upon, these animals and birds have always been there by his side making him happy.

Towards the end of this brief interview, he gave an insight into his future environmental projects. He has decided to work for the sustainable living methodologies among the forest dwellers of Western Ghats and would make a documentary on it. Apart from this, he wishes to study about the spiritual importance of Western Ghats. Nature and environment are the bedrock of spirituality, asserts Manjunath.


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