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Pets Carnival by Ridhi Chhabra



Ridhi Chhabra-fnbworld By Ridhi Chhabra


a rare black pom playing with yellow labrador-fnbworld-ridhi chhabra


As interpersonal human interactions have migrated to social media, god’s better creations (read: pet dogs, cats et al) got good ground to mingle during the third edition of yearly pets carnival ‘Pet Fed’ with various breeds present at the venue. The unique fiesta was held at NSIC grounds, Okhla in New Delhi last weekend 17-18 December 2016.


VIP lounge for foodies-fnbworld-ridhi chhabra

All photos by the author;copyright: Right Impact Media Inc.

The two days extravaganza was a grand affair for pets, pet parents, pet-ware traders and people who are passionate about canine and feline. The fair saw many breeds but hounds like Great Dane and Basset Hound were conspicuous by their absence. The dog breeds most prominent at the fair were Pug, Labrador, Beagle, Pomeranian and Lhasa Apso. It was a visual treat to see well groomed exotic breeds St.Bernard, Chow Chow and Black Pomeranian visit the carnival and showcase their ‘talent’ and walk the ramp. However, the dedicated cat zone turned out to be a non-starter.


Over 100 stalls exhibited open air kiosks for complete canine care - ranging from beds, grooming products, winter coats, costumes, collars and leashes. Branded stalls of Royal Canine, Drools and Choostix among others that look after nutritional requirements of dogs and cats gave freebies for pets.The highlights included a stall by ‘Pet Sutra’;talking about a social media application/App for canine mating, to be launched on 14th February 2017.


Dogs art gallery-fnbworld-ridhi chhabra


Dog pizza by Puppychino at pet fed-fnbworld-ridhi chhabra

Not surprisingly, Delhi’s first dog café ‘Puppychino’ was busy dishing out dog pizza, dog cupcakes and even dog beer! There was also a special art gallery for dogs to be able to recognize patterns and colors, besides a stall showcasing live wall art for canine but failed to impress the dogs and did not see many visitors.



Leading international food chain ‘TGI Fridays’  did great business by serving pizzas, quesadillas, fish fingers, pork ribs, chicken wings and also cocktails that was drawing huge crowds. The VIP lounge had on offer some expensive but fine food items like pasta, alcoholic beverages (vodka and wine) for the f & b diehard.

TGIF pizza a super hit - fnbworld-ridhi chhabra

The stage set up at Pet Fed made the event more interactive and ensured thorough entertainment. Pets and pet parents indulged in leisurely contests such as ‘selfie with your pet’ and ‘command your dog’ for goodies. Competitions were also held through online voting prior to the event that honored animal organizations and selected best veterinarian, best dog trainer, best groomer and for some other categories. ‘Bark on Gourmet Doggie BaRKery’ won the award for ‘best dog bakery in Delhi’ that has been baking dog birthday cakes, pup-cakes, cookies, treats and kibbles since last three years. The bakers claim using fresh natural ingredients for pets to relish.


Gourmet dog cakes by bark On Bakery-fnbworld-ridhi chhabra

Like many dogs that were visiting the carnival for the first time, my companion ‘Bru’ (one year old male yellow Labrador) was overexcited, so much so that he pulled himself free of my mother’s grip. Fortunately, I quickly managed to catch him by the collar. I could hear on the loudspeaker announcements for other lost and found pooches at the fair. ‘Pet Fed 2016’ titles itself to be India’s largest pet festival. 

A pretty chow chow at the pet fed-ridhi chhabra-fnbworld


           The santa claus boy-fnbworld

This one, in particular was aimed to set a Guinness World Record by breaking Aurstralia’s record of 764 dogs wearing a bandana at the same place. Pet Fed also organizes ‘Bring your own dog picnic’ and ‘BYOD swimming’ throughout the year. The proud dogs appeared morose as they walked back with their masters to the jam packed free car parking lot!


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