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Poutineville Review by Charu Satnarine


Poutineville & 'Heart Attack'


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One of my favourite things about Poutineville, right from the start is a very important bonus for any restaurant – location, location, location.  The restaurant is located two minutes away from the Longueuil metro, which is just so convenient for anyone on public transit – as well as drivers because yes, parking is free.


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While Poutineville is located off of an apartment complex, it really is a very warm and welcoming place.  As soon as we entered, we were immediately greeted and seated – although because of the summer heat, the place wasn’t very busy.  As we (a small party of three) opened our menus, we were each pleasantly surprised by the variety of selections presented to us – whose tastes vary immensely.

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The menu consists of eleven specialty poutines incorporating different ingredients, both basic (fries, gravy, cheese curds) to more gourmet options (red wine sauce, braised beef, filet mignon) and if you are daring enough, the “Heart Attack” poutine – a five pound, $70 poutine (consisting of fries, chicken, bacon, smoked sausage, ground beef, ham, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and two different types of cheeses) – which was a little too much for us to attempt to handle.  Pleasantly surprising is that Poutineville offers more than just poutines. 


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There is a kids’ menu with three options besides the classic poutine all affordably under $8.  Drinks range from your regular soda, juice and water choices to a full bar if that’s what you’re in the mood for.  There are a few appetizers (spicy mozzarella sticks, chicken wings) and salads (House, Greek) but we were excited to try the main courses, so skipped these options on this visit.  There are ten different hot plates to choose from including a 2-hotdog platter, cheeseburger platter, and to one of our party’s pleasant surprises, a veggie burger platter all between the $9 - $15 range.


While taking our order, our server seemed more than willing to answer any and all questions we had regarding the ingredients in certain dishes (one of our diners has many serious food allergies) and  making substitutions if necessary – without seeming at all irked or annoyed – a huge bonus for any diner who has intolerances or must avoid certain foods.  We didn’t have to wait long at all for the drinks or the meals – which we greatly appreciated as we’d skipped breakfast that day in anticipation for this lunch.


Our selections were the veggie burger platter (which included a vegan side poutine and house coleslaw), the “Farmer’s Delight” poutine (chicken, bacon and cheese – minus the diced tomatoes that are usually added to the dish by request) and the “Poutineville” poutine (Cheese curds, mozzarella cheese, braised beef and red wine sauce).  The veggie burger was delightfully flavourful  – everything you’d hope for, and so much better than I expected from a restaurant that specializes in poutines.  The patty was tender and juicy and paired with a soft, moist artisan bun – melted in your mouth goodness. 


The “Farmer’s Delight” was exactly that, juicy morsels of chicken combined perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon, richness of the gravy and creamy squeakiness of the cheese – everyone should enjoy this at least once.  The “Poutineville” was pure tastebud satisfaction from the very first bite.  The sweetness of the red wine sauce and the tenderness of the braised beef was such a pleasure to the palate that I had to savour if for a good minute before taking a second bite.  Yes, really.


Another bonus for this restaurant is that they do make “to-go” orders, which I took advantage of to try their Chicken Club Sandwich and their Grilled chicken burger.  Both orders, similar in ingredients and tastes (grilled chicken, aioli, lettuce, tomato and bacon and cheddar cheese) were cooked to perfection and their house aioli really puts regular mayonnaise to shame.


Lastly, it has to be mentioned than if there isn’t anything on the menu that pleases your eye, Poutineville gives you the option of creating your own poutine (placed at every table are checklists with every ingredient available in the restaurant and a pencil) and if it is impressive enough, the restaurant will name it after you and option it out on the menu.  There really is something for everyone.

Based on appearance, service, quality and taste, I give this visit    *****/*****.

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