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Press Release. Gulfood at Dubai Trade Center

Press Release. Gulfood at Dubai Trade Center


GULFOOD 2021 ,DWTC Feb 21-25, 2021







New Delhi /Dubai February 22, 2021 Indian food companies and various states are showcasing India.s food basket at the Five day  Gulfood2021 which opened in Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai yesterday.


Gulfood 2021 is    considered to be the world's largest annual food & beverage trade exhibition. The event attracts food and beverage industries and professionals to Dubai from all over the world. It annually brings together around 2,500 exhibitors from 85 countries .The exhibition presents the main market trends on food and beverage and aims to highlight new innovations, consumer behaviour patterns, and revive communication links between thousands of key players in the sector over five days (21st-25th February).


The Gulfood 2021 will see the show’s first ever blockchain-based dairy exhibitor: Ingredia from France, while India’s Amul, a global dairy company, considered Eighth largest dairy product company in the world  is participating in the emirate show  after recently launching 33 products in a single quarter.


The Indian companies and states are showcasing countries agri and horticulture products apart from organic food products. The states from North-East including Arunachal Pradesh is focusing on its strength in products, such as turmeric, ginger, large cardamom and organic tea, apart from other fruits and vegetables.There is a keen interest on products from the Northeast region of the country, and Arunachal is creating a buzz for its organic products.


Another Indian company Tradologie,a  B2B trade and smart digital global agriculture based commodities sourcing platform setup with an aim of digitalizing the current Import-Export trade is all set to boost india'a agri exports by  showcasing countrys strength as major hub for food products, ingredients, commodities and processed food at the Five day ‘Gulfood 2021’


“The United Arab Emirates is the world's third largest re-export market behind Hong Kong and Singapore. Its demand for food products increases by 30% every year. More than 90% of food products in the Persian Gulf region, which includes Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia, is imported through the UAE. “The UAE market is a premium market and has a rather high import capacity for such products as poultry and beef, which offers good prospects for Brazilian & Indian exporters,” said Mr J.K.Arora, Chairman and founder of the Global sourcing digital platform


“Tradologie is showcasing India as hub for food products as well as organic foods including spices, rice, wheat, Sugar, Barley, cereals, dry fruits, vegetables, processed foods and medicinal plant. India exported agriculture commodities worth US $ 37 billion during the year 2019-20 “ said Mr Arora


“Some of the Indian food and agriculture products that are being showcased by Tradologie and its associates  include meat, vegetables, Edible Oil and Frozen Foods, wheat, tea, coffee, rice, sugar, spices, dry fruits, pulses and edible oils.” Said Mr Arora.


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