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Prik Yardsai Talay Keang Kheaw Wan


Recipe by Chef Joy from Thailand


Chef Joy-fnbworld


Main dish: Prik Yardsai Talay Keang

Kheaw Wan


Koon Thai-fnbworld


Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 5 mins 

Ingredients for one portion

Prawn 80g

Scallop 80g

Squid 80g

Kaffir Lime leaf 10g 

Thai green curry paste 50g 

Coconut milk 180g

Palm sugar 10g

Basil leaf 10g

Oil 20g

Green chilli 10g 

Yellow curry paste 10g 

Leser ginger (Karchai) 10g

Coriander root 10g

Salt 5g

Fish sauce 5g 

Fresh Thai red chilli 5g


• Take leser ginger, Kaffir Lime leaf, prawn, scallops and squid.  Clean properly and finely chop. Season with salt, fish sauce and set aside.


• Take green chillies, clean properly, remove the seeds. Stuff them with the mixture in step above. Steam for 5 min and set aside .

• Take a pan, add oil and heat it. Once warm, add green curry  paste and saute for 20sec. Add coconut milk, season with fish sauce, palm sugar bring to boil. Put it on top of steamed chilli, garnish with coconut milk, yellow curry paste, basil leaf and Thai fresh red chillies. Serve hot.

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