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Priya Singh Paul. February 20. 2014: RAHUL GANDHI: INNERMOST CONFLICT

Editorial. Priya Singh Paul. February XXI. XIV





Priya Singh Paul-fnbworld  By Priya Singh Paul



Rahul Gandhi-fnbworld



It might not be his time. And it is not his fault. India is going through an arising. And a clear wave in favour of a leader that seeks to vanquish the ills niggling Indian society. Corruption is deeply rooted in much of the old guard in politics, society, business et al. And today’s youth has a dream to fulfil. They are impatient and yearning for change. They believe change will bring blessings. It may or it may not. Only time will tell. And all said and done, Arvind Kejriwal is the flavour of the season. 


Moments before Rajiv Gandhi's assassination-fnbworld

I’m wondering who prevents Rahul Gandhi from speaking out as he should, all that he has in his mind that lets loose once in a while. A frenemy? He has more to him than what is on display. And it necessitates that he came out in full force and go by the instinct that he has. So why does he keep it in check? Because he remembers that those near and dear have paid for being at the forefront of it all even if the decisions weren’t theirs, nor were the wrongdoings a creation of their minds? 

Power is poison. It is, unless it is used as an instrument of change. And an instrument of change, it can only be when it is in opposition targeting a government of a very different kind. Or a voice from within that cannot be silenced by the powers around. He says he needs to listen to those around him And, he does, but all of it is not gospel truth !!

Many a leader in power is surrounded by people who seek to use their information and abilities to keep the leader in check. So who influences him to be what he is not, and not to be, what he really is. Possibly vested interests? Secretly hoping that Congress will come to power , but not Rahul Gandhi , and that they might just be the new Man-mohan-Singh. Sometimes one wonders whether he looks at Arvind Kejriwal and wishes he could be the heroic rabble-rouser..but he cannot.  Anti-the current establishment in thought but not on screen ! An inner conflict or just not given the freedom to do so?

At this moment Rahul Gandhi is an easy target. People want change and Rahul Gandhi cannot wish himself away from the ties that bind nay gag him to UPA-2. He wasn’t its decision-maker nor its ‘kartadharta’ (godfather). Nor could he demand from nor command earstwhile ManmohanSingh. Why should Manmohan Singh have listened to him? After all he was the Prime Minister and the people voted for him. Had he been asked to let Rahul Gandhi take over the reigns somewhere between 2010 and 2011, he would have flatly disagreed. Rahul Gandhi would have done well to steer clear of UPA-2 but perhaps, he realised somehow  that it was poised for destruction so he went in , where angels fear to tread and said: “no matter what the outcome I will just take over and give it my best shot.”That says a lot about a person and his guts and you say he is a ‘papputappu’(nitwit)? 

A few years later, you might just swear by his vision and philosophy! And say he is the greatest thing that ever happened to this country. Remember Indira Gandhi  at the fag end of the the 70’s and into the eighties? Post emergency she was back! And how! Once labelled a terrible dictator and then an anna-daata of the maa kind? Never say never.

So here goes…What does anyone, you, me and those that speak on his behalf, really know about Rahul Gandhi other than what he endorses, claims, condemns and the tales people tell that make your ears burn! I’m wondering ….about the vicious, steady commentary on his personal life that arises from the grand old party. Who are the vipers within that that feed his weakness and shake the man’s confidence? His private life should be as private as Vajpayee’s or Narendra Modi’s - a right that must not be transgressed. So hands off!

How many are close enough to understand empathise or mentor unconditionally? Those in public domain must not judge and condemn with half -baked facts. They who attribute leaven to dough not yet bread ready to be consumed for a rational unbiased verdict. Let him take charge and then evaluate him on the basis of his performance!!

Do you believe everything has come to him on a platter? Really! So where is the childhood without care and how different has it been from the angst of the normally disenfranchised on the streets of our country?

His first loss was when Sanjay Gandhi died-suddenly-abruptly. What gives you the idea that he wasn’t close to him and missed him terribly? How do you know he wasn’t his darling uncle? The one who threw him up in the air and played hide and seek in the garden?

His second loss was a grandmother who doted on him. Just a grandma not the PM of India...and it wasn’t just the loss of a person. It was when fear came knocking and took residence. And a time, when the family ran for cover because of another possible attack and  total annihilation. The trusted friends with whom he played badminton in the house-lawn (read: the bodyguards-assassins) had killed her. They felt they were justified. He was too young to understand, but young enough to feel!!

Then, his father Rajiv Gandhi gets blown up. Oh, so it happens? It’s just that season in a boy’s life when he would rather be looking to his dad to lead, guide and protect…but he just isn’t there. Only a mother who hides her tears behind dark glasses. And a stoic silence. Where then is the respite? Can all the power in the world give you back your loved ones?

Who should he trust? And who will protect? Where do you run and what should you do? Study, concentrate and focus when anxiety and stress overwhelm -where is the sunshine. They say, he is a prince in waiting. It’s all hunky-dory...questioning if those close to you really are? Everyone seeks to take not give and dark powers loom large threatening to engulf the soul! This power is not sweet. It’s just angst and more angst seeking the light. Where is the light?

So here is this man who fights the conflict within and emerges from the shadows realising that his life and his dreams are not his to pursue. Expectations are rife and the consistent din of a Congress chant: you have a destiny to fulfil; What dynasty and what proverbial golden spoon? There are many enemies prepared to strike any moment. The pit and the snare.Feeling cornered!!..Where is the happiness?

Encumbered by the UPA-2 load that is not his to bear, but to grin nevertheless and shield it as best as he can!! Armed with ideas , which can only be tested if he comes to power!! And a time in the history of our country where “new is right”. Not an easy burden and you say he is extremely fortunate?? 

It is said ,do not attack the lone widow and her brood. Constructively criticise but do not attack. Because he that neither slumbers nor sleeps, watches over us all and he knows, he sees and he moves. He makes everything beautiful in his time. Someday all these things will turn around for good. It is not about winning or losing. It is about coming, into one’s own. It is that time when one has crossed the red sea and that one secret enemy in UPA -2 and his mysterious helpers have conceded hopefully forever. Winter is over and spring is on its way.


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