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Quebec Mamitas Restro by Charu Satnarine


Restaurant Critique:  MAMITA’S RESTAURANT

(2001 Victoria Avenue, St. Lambert)       


Just For Your Appetite!


Charu Satnarine, Head Montreal Bureaux, Canada 

By Charu Satnarine/Head Montreal Bureaux


Mamita's Restaurant

From the outside, Mamita’s Restaurant isn’t much to look at – most people pass it by without a second thought, not realizing that it is actually an eatery - a very good one.  Once you enter the small, but charming establishment, the atmosphere is clean and welcoming and the smells wafting in from the kitchen tempt your appetite immediately. 

Within a minute of walking in, we were seated and given menus as well as being told the specials of the day.  The menu is two pages long and consists of everything from breakfast, served well after noon (thankfully for me), to Italian, French and #Quebec specialties.  We chose to sample a little of everything.

Quebec breakfast-Charu Satnarine-fnbworld

Strangely enough, their first impression was great - the freshly ground, freshly brewed to order coffee – was exactly what I love of my hot beverage: tasty and bold.  I had three cups before I was even served my meal, which leads me to the downside of the place. 




While the service is friendly and accommodating, it is slow.  Our drinks came out quickly and our orders taken immediately after, but the wait for the food? Incredibly long – a couple of platters came out a good twenty minutes later – and the restaurant wasn’t even busy at the time of our visit.

Mamita's lavish burger-fnbworldOnce we did receive our food, though, it was (almost) worth the wait.  Their thin, large pancakes (2 on a plate) are light and airy with a hint of sweetness, and not just from the genuine maple syrup.  Each breakfast platter is served with fresh fruit of the day (in this case: banana, strawberries, orange and pineapple) and you don’t leave with an empty stomach with their portions.  We ordered the eggs Benedict, but were told, unfortunately, that there wasn’t any of their special hollandaise sauce available – which was disappointing…maybe next time.


The scrambled eggs were perfectly cooked and seasoned, served with in-house breakfast potatoes, toast and their specially made marmalade – a little too tart for my taste.  One of the pickier diners at our table opted for the light breakfast club, but asked that everything be separated on the plate so that she could put it together to her liking.  She was not ridiculed while ordering and was pleased when she received her plate exactly as she’d asked for it.


The lunch/supper items were a pleasant surprise in such an unknown restaurant.  The hamburger platter is quite large and served with a generous helping of their own French fries, coleslaw and mayonnaise.  The meat was perfectly cooked – juicy and tasty – on a thick, soft bun, highly recommended to all of you burger fanatics.  The poutine, made with #Mamita’s special gravy, in-house French fries and fresh cheese did not disappoint as it was a delicious spin on a famous Quebec specialty. 


The cheese pizza differs from the usual delivery or take-out places in that you can actually taste the quality of each of their ingredients from their own crust and sauce, to the fresh mozzarella topping.  One of their proud specialties, their lobster roll plate which includes salad and fries, looked a little messy and small on appearance, but was actually stuffed with generous, scrumptious morsels of creamy lobster and something to definitely go back for.

Their meals range from $8 - $16 per person (not including bar and drinks prices) and from our selections, was worth every penny. They are child-friendly and reservations are recommended, but not required.

Maybe next time we’ll try the other half of the menu and save room for dessert for part two.  ****/5     


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