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RAWpapaya by Satya Pal Singh - Pakistani Plight


Pakistan’s Pathetic Plight (PPP) 


RAWpapaya by Satya Pal Singh





Indian Army Retaliates-fnbworld


Pakistani hotheads are now on revengeful spree after being snubbed by India on a peace dialogue that they chose to sabotage themselves. They have roundly run out of reason and common sense, else they would not have chosen to tread the suicidal path, one that is fraught with signals of a destructive war. Firing through 70 truce violations across LOC in less than three months, killing or maiming dozens of innocent Indian citizens, is not a game that Islamabad thinks is playing without a price. Every unprovoked attack and casualty heightens the level of anger in India and has the potential of kicking up a disastrous war that may be much more ruinous for Pakistan than for the Indian nation state.

Pakistan army knows its artillery is not in a position to stand even four-day full-scale war with India, if the two sides engage in conventional fighting. As for Pakistani Generals administering monkey threats of a nuclear war, let them understand such an engagement is neither possible nor permissible in modern times, since such lethal, explosive warfare would put to risk a much greater part of the planet beyond the sub-continent. This Islamic state already has the terror stigma in its kitty and remains under watchful eyes of the world. Jingoistic Pak Generals must know even in the eventuality of a nuclear war, they will face total annihilation. Islamabad must, therefore, come to senses in its own interest!

All sensible, informed Pakistanis know that their army is incessantly shelling the border with India to distract their attention from the serious problems at home that have seen PM Nawaz Sharif's opponents riding to his neck and the army getting ready to seize power. While the army mounts regular attacks in the name of jihad and Kashmir, Pak nationals are feeling suffocated with the functioning of both, the so-called 'elected' Nawaz Sharif govt that came to power evidently through mass rigging, and the military which is known to have robbed them of democratic, civil liberties. No Pakistani wants war with India ; it's the ISI, militants and the jingoistic army Generals who together have made the common man's life miserable in their country. 

Large number of innocent Pakistani civilians are being killed in terrorist attacks that have become more frequent in recent months. There is no respite and security for all those peace-loving people who look at militants with disdain and virulence. Above that, note the army's misadventure: it's hell-bent on pushing the country to the brink of another war with a much stronger India in the name of Kashmir and 'civilization'.

As heavy firing continues along the border from both sides, after Pakistanis attacked 22 BSF posts and over a dozen villages, our jawans evacuated to safety 3,000 villagers who have been living in fear and trauma. TV footages show villagers, mostly Muslims, cursing Pakistanis and urging the "govt of India to take strong action against the enemy who has behaved so cruelly ever since the Partition days."  

Pakistani rulers, their army and ISI bosses are not unaware that the August 25 talks were cancelled by India when they provocatively chose to deliver shock to New Delhi by asking their High Commissioner Abdul Sabit in New Delhi to directly meet the Kashmiri 'separatists' despite the govt's strong objection. For the Narendra Modi govt, there is no third stake-holder in the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan. New Delhi is resolved not to allow any Pak linkages or anti-national hobnobbing with the self-styled separatists who are said to have become rich and influential over the years with largesse from across the border. And why the largesse? To create pro-Pakistan, anti-India elements within Kashmir.

Clearly, time has come for India to give a sizeable shock to Pakistan, if its sense perception remains  abysmally chained in dark chambers. Beside bringing persistent international pressure, India must plan its own effective strike strategy: Killer terrorists like Hafiz Saeed have to be ejected in a surgical  operation, militants' training centres must be destroyed through selective air raids, beside taking tough  retaliatory military action, whenever rangers strike through the border..!

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