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RAWpapaya by Satya Pal singh -15-10-2016- Pakistan Spies




RAWpapaya by Satya Pal Singh-fnbworld



Pakistani spy Mehmood Akhtar-fnbworld

There seems to be no suitable reply to all the savagery that inhuman species are throwing at the modern-day civilized world, if one call it so. Forget the regressive bloody past, in the current times, terror executioners have been junketing over mutilated human bodies and gleefully releasing photographs and videos of their savage acts to cause extreme terror and trepidation in the minds of peace-loving people who would seldom rise to stop them. On Friday, an Indian soldier was killed and his body cruelly mutilated by Pak terrorists in an assault close to the Line of Control in J&K. The jihadi attack was mounted under cover fire from the Pakistan army. The terrorists mutilated the jawan's body before fleeing back into Pak-occupied-Kashmir, again under cover of firing. Although the vexed Indian army has vowed revenge, stating that "the incident will be responded to appropriately as it reflects the barbarism pervading in official and unofficial organizations in Pakistan," it is to be seen when and how the Army's suitable response will come.


Pakistani Envoy Abdul Basit - fnbworld


It is said human patience wears thin when inhuman extremities overtake the tolerance and resilience of the sufferer. That is what is happening to India, the ultimate sufferer at the hands of Pakistan ever since the Partition of 1947, even though India has fought four wars with this rogue state. But look at India's patience. Under UPA rule, India never thought of punishing the rogue when Pakistanis beheaded its soldiers and took away their heads. Even today, when Narendra Modi-led NDA is ruling, Indian soldiers and civilians are being killed or injured by Pak soldiers in regular truce violations. But the bigger question is: Will the fifth war, if it comes now or later, solve the Kashmir imbroglio? 

It is, however, difficult to understand why Pakistanis chose to cut the soldier's body into pieces, for the common experience suggests that such unbelievably brutal acts occur only in cases of personal enmity where the victim had acted equally viciously in the past. This attack came hours after the BSF killed 15 Pak soldiers in retaliatory firing by Indian troops after truce violation along the border in J&K. A week before, seven more Pak soldiers were killed along the International Border. Would that mean, only this rogue state is entitled to do what it likes to make India suffer, but if the latter moves to take retributive action, that invites cowardly terror killings and savagery? When Pakistan consistently violated truce at Rajouri, Samba, Abdullia, RS Pura, Suchetgarh and other places, killing many soldiers and civilians, our army had to retaliate. But Islamabad refuses to understand this basic premise of retribution.

Beside that, we have diplomatic escalation too. After the recovery of sensitive defence documents on the deployment and strength of BSF and the Indian Army along the border in Gujarat and Sir Creek Area from two Pakistani spies and their ISI handler Mehmood Akhtar, a Pak High Commission official, who was declared persona non grata for spying and asked to leave, Islamabad not only retaliated by expelling an Indian diplomat without any valid ground for this insanity, but also attacked numerous forward posts, including highly sensitive Sunderbani. The Pak mission, under envoy Abdul Basit, has become a den of rogue spies, who carry their lethal errands regularly and possibly also remain in touch with Indian secessionists. Wholly callous, hostile and corrosive by nature, Basit needs to be sent back to Pakistan, for he knows not, that throwing Pakistan into war with India, would be undoing of his terrorist state, even if friendly China lends it unshakable props for the sake of its geopolitical interests.

Islamabad is trying to precipitate matters apparently on concocted grounds. Documents seized from the spies have serious implications on national security as interrogation of those caught reveals that Pakistan wanted specific information on military deployments on the Indian side of the border in Gujarat and Rajasthan, so that it's suicide squads could be provided with more and easier entry points, other than those at the J&K border, to attack sensitive locations in India. Akhtar was spying to carry out a strike similar to the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. Intelligence inputs suggest that ISI has long been planning to send jihadis through sea route to carry out deadly terror attacks in India. Akhtar, a former Pak soldier and now an ISI man posted at the Pak mission, was caught at Delhi zoo three days ago while meeting two Indian spies, Ramzan Khan and Subhash Jangir, both from Rajasthan. Investigation revealed that they met at short intervals to pass on sensitive documents which Khan and Jangir handed over to ISI men across the border. The problem is that envoy Basit is fearlessly patronizing ISI men to spread terror across India. He must go back, replaced by a sensible man, who talks peace, not war!

A JCO killed at LoC-fnbworld

This diplomatic and military escalation has the portent of forcing India into another major armed conflict, or even full-scale war, especially with the onset of winter season which Pakistan loves for war, as New Delhi has alerted its military to remain fully prepared to repel any attack from the enemy and, if needed, mount a deadly deterrent counter-attack. You talk to anyone placed in high govt position or a well-informed ex-General, hardly would anyone rule out the possibility of another Pak attack in the coming months. The latest Pak provocation is very serious and may eventually lead to 'limited war".  

As Premier Nawaz Sharif faces unprecedented protests at home against his corrupt regime, where he is considered the master-craftsman of graft, with the army in cohort, he chooses to divert the avam's attention to the country's pressing engagement at LoC. Meanwhile, army chief Raheel Sharif's men keep pounding key Indian locations to draw it into a larger conflict, with the clear intent to weather the storm at home and generate the need to allow extension to Raheel, with the tension at border persistently mounting. Regular mortar shelling across LoC is provoking New Delhi to strike back in quick retaliation. Almost 60 Indian civilians have been injured in the regular shelling in recent days. That these highly provocative strikes on 70 sensitive Indian posts in 24 hours, come in the wake of the unusually aggressive posture adopted by China against India, in extending "every possible support in men and material to Pakistan in times of crisis", India is getting ready to meet any external threats, even if these come through its northern borders. 

That Sino-Pak axis is real and stands as a permanent threat to India remains the expanding narrative that New Delhi is fully preoccupied with, not really counting on the weight of any external strategic alliances that it managed to forge in recent times. Indian forces' morale is currently very high. They are in full preparedness to meet any eventuality thrust on it by Pak, China or by both in some kind of joint strike. The NDA govt has, in the meantime, allowed full freedom to armed forces to strike in volumes, as and when they deem fit to act.

But why is Modi delaying a full-scale attack on Pakistan, despite extreme provocations, is now easily discernible because his goal clearly is to compel the enemy to give up terrorism as its state policy and not really to punish it. For this, he has already made strenuous efforts and succeeded to a great extent. Isolating Pakistan from a great part of world community has been Modi's stellar job. But more needs to be done. The rogue must be made to face economic blockade to lie flat on the ground. This is possible as the time-tested friend China and a few Middle East countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, etc, will have their own limitations to bail it out of its economic morass. Though Modi makes tough statements, yet he sounds cautious on war, for he is convinced that any armed conflict will not produce the desired results, only the bloodbath will stare, if these neighbors go to war. As someone said that "whole of Pakistan will commit suicide for the sake of Kashmir," it's clear that it would prefer resorting to nuclear strike, rather than to surrendering to India. We must concede the reality that Pakistan of 2016 is different from the Pakistan of 1971, when it had to surrender to India and accept dismemberment of East Pakistan. 

As the clamour for war rises nationally from across segments, including politics, media and the commoners, with the sole exception of the intellectual class, the question arises : "Why would Modi go to full-scale war with this rogue, one that is a "big nuclear power" and has more nuclear weapons than India has. A US research projection warns that if the two countries were to fight a nuclear war detonating 100 nuclear warheads, over 21 million people will die directly, half of the global protective ozone layer would be destroyed and a nuclear winter would set in, crippling monsoons and farming worldwide. Pak defence minister has already threatened to “annihilate” India if it mounts major attacks on his country. I don't think as a mature politician, PM Modi will ever force a situation where nuclear engagement becomes inevitable in South Asia and thereby a devastating prolonged nuclear winter sets in. However, If Pakistan attacks in a full-fledged conventional or nuclear war, India is more than ready to face it and win. Let's not forget that if these proven satanic rulers can create thousands of suicide squads to kill people across LoC and also at home with equal zeal, they can push the atomic button as well, to settle scores with India!

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